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Double-sided open-hole stepped connection non-standard nut thickened double-ended connection nut

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The height of the existing assembly devices is fixed, and the height of the workers is different, so it is very inconvenient to use, resulting in a decrease in efficiency. With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, people have proposed higher assembly devices. Therefore, we propose a shaft card assembly device to solve the above problems.

An embodiment of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. provides a screw slotting device, as shown in Figure 1, which includes a workbench 1, a vibrating plate 2 is arranged on the upper part of the workbench 1, and a conveying device 3 is arranged on the vibrating plate 2. Below the discharge port, the slotting device 4 is arranged on one side of the conveying device 3, and the slotting device 4 is provided with a reciprocating cutting wheel 42 that can slot the screws in the conveying device 3 when it extends out. The device 4 is also fixedly provided with a fixed wheel 48 for grinding the grooved screws. Using the screw slotting device, the screws can be automatically sorted by the vibrating plate 2, which improves the production efficiency. The reciprocating motion of the cutting wheel 42 can greatly reduce the probability of knife breakage. Sanding, fixes burrs and roughness.

However, although the existing screws can meet the function of connecting and fastening objects, they are all pressed against the object by the head to achieve the purpose of pressing and fixing. However, due to the small size of the head, it is difficult to press the object firmly. , for this reason, only spacers can be added to increase the pressing area. However, in the assembly process, the gasket is prone to slip off, and it needs to be supported by hand, which brings inconvenience to installation and use; at the same time, sometimes the object to be pressed is only on one side of the screw, and the other side of the screw does not need to be pressed. This results in unnecessary waste of materials, and also occupies a certain space, which brings trouble to the installation of other components.

The existing machine screw structure is not conducive to assembly and automated production. The machine screw is in the form of a cylinder, the outer surface of the cylinder is provided with threads, and one end of the machine screw is provided with a notch. During installation, it is convenient to rotate the machine screw by the tool acting on the notch, so that the machine screw all enters the threaded hole and does not occupy the external space. However, the thread on the outer surface of the machine screw corresponding to the slot is easily deformed or scratched due to the external force of the tool and the threaded hole, which makes it difficult to screw in or disassemble, and reduces the versatility and interchangeability. affect product quality.

The gasket side of the above-mentioned nut assembly is in contact with the mounting surface. When the nut is tightened, the gasket squeezes the outer cone surface to make it shrink, and the cone tip faces the same direction as the nut, thereby preventing the nut from tightening, so that the nut fixing effect is not good, and at the same time When multiple nuts need to be superimposed and fixed, two adjacent nuts cannot interact with each other, resulting in poor fixing effect.

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Double-sided opening

Step connection non-standard nut

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