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Stainless steel hexagonal plug 304 316 material 3/8 5/8 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: half-thread external ...

Fasteners are also divided into different types according to different uses, and new types of fasteners are developed according to the needs of special environments to meet the needs of all walks of life. The gasket combination bolt is a common fastening bolt. The combination gasket protects the surface of the connected parts from scratches, disperses the pressure on the connected parts, and has a sealing and anti-loosening effect. It is widely used. With the continuous improvement of requirements, the new zinc-aluminum coating surface treatment has gradually become the mainstream surface treatment process because it meets the environmental protection requirements, the surface is beautiful, and the corrosion resistance strength is higher than that of the zinc-nickel surface treatment.

Stainless steel screws, as the name suggests, must be made of stainless steel screw wire, and then screw the screw thread. Many of the properties of stainless steel screws are related to stainless steel. Taking into account the properties and organization of stainless steel, understand the properties of stainless steel materials and other aspects. Therefore, it is understood that stainless steel has good mechanical properties such as anti-rust, anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, etc., then stainless steel screws also have these good mechanical properties. With the increasing quality of stainless steel materials. The mechanical properties of stainless steel screws produced by the screw industry are getting better and better. Anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability, and high temperature and high pressure are getting stronger and stronger.

The maximum unscrewing torque of the lock nut is affected by many factors. For the research on the low-cycle fatigue performance of the lock nut, the pitch diameter of the thread, the helix angle and the bevel angle of the thread remain unchanged. Only the maximum elastic restoring force FNmax and the equivalent friction angle ρe of the thread piece will appear to a certain extent after repeated use. Change. Therefore, it is only necessary to analyze the variation law of the maximum unscrewing moment when the lock nut is subjected to cyclic load from these two aspects.

In view of the above situation, the technical problem to be solved by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a self-expanding semi-solid installation rivet, the purpose is to solve the existing connection between plastic shells, lightweight plates, insulating materials, circuit boards, or any other In the case of thin, light-weight materials, the grip and bonding force of the rivet itself on the mounting surface is weaker than that of the rivets that are screwed and installed by manual operation. The rivet structure needs to be improved and strengthened when the material is installed.

The advantages of the pressure riveting nut: 1. The length guarantee of the distance range is realized, which greatly simplifies the assembly process and speeds up the production progress of the assembled spacing panel and accessories; 2. The back of the plate is completely embedded and flat, while ensuring the head of the nut column The plane is smooth with the plate; 3. The raw material is free-cutting iron or free-cutting stainless steel; the technical guide for the application of the pressure riveting standoff: 1. When selecting the standoff, it must be based on the thickness of the plate used, the exact size range, and the hardness of the low-carbon steel plate must be less than 70RB, the hardness of stainless steel plate must be less than 80RB. 2. The surface of free-cutting iron is treated, and the stainless steel maintains its original color. Users can order according to the model and specifications in the table according to their needs, or they can also make special orders according to their needs. 3. The hole size of the plate must be processed according to the tolerance size of 0-+0.075mm, and punching is recommended. 4. The installation must be realized by press riveting operation, and it must not be knocked in by impact. 5. When the material is stainless steel, the tail number should be marked with S. 6. The end face of the nut column is represented by C. 7. The length of the through-hole nut column is full wire below 10mm. If it is above 10mm, it can be reamed on the hexagonal end face (type I) or the round end face (type II).

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: full wire hex screws, titanium alloy bolts, spot welding screw caps, stainless steel round head machine screws with pads and other products, we can provide you with suitable products Your fastener solution.

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