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Pan head cross recess machine tooth combination screw bundle tail cut tail flat spring washer combination screw

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: thickened resin excav...

The existing way to achieve radial locking of the shaft is generally to sleeve the positioning block on the shaft, and then use a cylindrical pin to pass through the positioning block to lock the shaft. The locking structure and method are as follows: A locking groove with an arc-shaped cross-section is set on the outer side of the shaft along the direction perpendicular to the axis of the shaft, an opening is set on the positioning block, and then a cylindrical pin is used to pass through the positioning block from the outside of the positioning block and screw the lock at one end of the cylindrical pin. When the lock nut is tightened, the opening on the positioning block will be deformed inwardly and locked on the shaft.

Installation method broadcast 1. One-time burying method: When pouring concrete, bury the anchor bolts. When the high tower is controlled by overturning, the anchor bolt should be buried once. 2. Reserved hole method: The equipment is in place, the holes are cleaned, the anchor bolts are placed in the holes, the equipment is positioned and aligned, and then poured with non-shrinkage fine stone concrete that is one level higher than the original foundation, and compacted and compacted. . The distance from the center of the anchor bolt once buried to the edge of the foundation should not be less than 2d (d is the diameter of the anchor bolt), and should not be less than 15mm (d≤20, it should not be less than 10mm), not less than half the width of the anchor plate Add 50mm, when the above requirements cannot be met, appropriate measures should be taken to strengthen it. The diameter of the anchor bolts used for the structure should not be less than 20mm. When subjected to earthquake action, double nuts should be used for fixing, or other measures to effectively prevent loosening should be adopted, but the anchorage length of anchor bolts should be increased by 5d compared with the anchorage length of non-seismic action. Installation planning of anchor bolts Treatment of anchor bolts loose in the foundation When the anchor bolts are tightened, the bolts may be pulled out. At this time, the bolts should be adjusted to their original positions, and the foundation around the bolts should be shoveled out enough. , and then weld two U-shaped steel bars vertically and horizontally on the bolts, and finally clean the pit with water and grouting, and then tighten the live anchor bolts after the concrete has solidified to the design strength. The treatment method of the live anchor bolt deviation is roughly the same as the dead ground. The method for the anchor bolts is the same, except that the anchor bolts can be pulled out for processing. If the bolt is too long, a section of the thread can be cut off on the machine tool; if the bolt is too short, it can be extended by hot forging; if the position is inconsistent, it can be corrected by bending. Application industry: suitable for various equipment fixing, steel structure foundation embedded parts, street lights, traffic signs, pump, boiler installation, heavy equipment embedded fixing, etc.

Therefore, in some cases, workers use a fixed torque wrench to control the tightening degree of the nut, but the fixed torque wrench is not convenient to use, and it needs to be checked frequently. At the same time, because the fixed torque wrench is not a conventional tool, its price is relatively high, which It also leads to its high procurement cost, and frequent verification also makes the later use cost also high.

However, for some thin-walled parts (such as metal material parts with a thickness of less than 1mm), the combination of cylindrical pins and edge-cutting positioning pins is used as the positioning method on the workstation equipment. In the process of automatic grasping by mechanical grippers, there are many The disadvantage is that if the positioning accuracy is to be met, it is inconvenient for the parts to be placed in the station utensils, and it is also inconvenient for the mechanical gripper to grasp the parts, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of positioning pin hook parts when grasping the parts. Abandon the positioning and matching accuracy of pins and holes, but in the process of equipment assembly, due to poor positioning accuracy, another phenomenon will occur, that is, the positioning pins on the mechanical gripper are not aligned with the positioning holes of the workstation equipment, so that the equipment Frequent errors. As shown in Figure 2, when the mechanical gripper grasps thin-walled parts with an inclined angle, if a cylindrical pin is used, there must be a large gap between the cylindrical pin head and the part positioning hole, that is, the diameter A of the part positioning hole must be larger than Only when the diameter B of the cylindrical pin head is larger, the parts can be picked and placed.

In another embodiment of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd., the discharge port of the vibrating plate 2 is matched with the screw receiving hole 35, and the screws can enter the screw receiving hole 35 through the discharge port after sorting and sorting in the vibrating plate 2. . Preferably, a guide rail 6 is provided between the discharge port of the vibrating plate 2 and the screw accommodating hole 35, and the screws enter the screw accommodating hole 39 from the discharge port through the guide rail 6. The slotting is carried out, which improves the efficiency and saves the labor cost.

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