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Stainless Steel Plug Screws Non-standard Hexagon Screws Stainless Steel Hand Screws

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: black nylon gasket, GB126...

As we all know, bolt and nut kits are commonly used fastening parts, but when ordinary bolt fasteners are used in a large number of parts, because the nuts and bolts are engaged by threads, manual or machine tightening is required, and during installation, It is easy to slip, and the bolts need to be operated in both directions, and a pair of bolts and nuts cannot be installed quickly, which reduces the installation efficiency.

Therefore, in some cases, workers use a fixed torque wrench to control the tightening degree of the nut, but the fixed torque wrench is not convenient to use, and it needs to be checked frequently. At the same time, because the fixed torque wrench is not a conventional tool, its price is relatively high, which It also leads to its high procurement cost, and frequent verification also makes the later use cost also high.

1. Ordinary outer hexagon - widely used, characterized by relatively large tightening force, the disadvantage is that there must be enough operating space during installation, and adjustable wrench, open-end wrench or glasses wrench can be used during installation, all of the above wrenches require a large amount of space. operating space. 2. Cylindrical head hexagon socket - is the most widely used of all screws, because it has a relatively large tightening force, and can be operated with a hexagon wrench. It is very convenient to install and is used in almost all kinds of structures. The appearance is more beautiful and neat. The disadvantage is that the tightening force is slightly lower than the outer hexagon, and the inner hexagon is easily damaged due to repeated use and cannot be disassembled. 3. Pan head inner hexagon - rarely used mechanically, the mechanical properties are the same as above, mostly used in furniture, the main function is to increase the contact surface with wooden materials and increase the ornamental appearance. 4. Headless inner hexagon - must be used in certain structures, such as the top wire structure that requires a large top-tight force, or where the cylindrical head needs to be hidden. 5. Countersunk head hexagon - mostly used in power machinery, the main function is the same as the inner hexagon. 6. Nylon lock nut - a nylon rubber ring is embedded in the hexagonal surface to prevent the thread from loosening, and it is used on strong power machinery. 7. Flange nuts - mainly play the role of increasing the contact surface with the workpiece, mostly used in pipes, fasteners, some stamping parts and casting parts. 8. Ordinary hex nut - the most widely used and one of the most common fasteners.

With the continuous strengthening of infrastructure construction, the continuous increase of construction scale and the complexity of construction, the particularity of the requirements for construction equipment, materials, tools and equipment is also getting higher and higher, such as buildings, power stations, railway tunnels The channel steel used in these special construction environments requires the use of a special bolt, which must be easy to put in, easy to use

However, this process scheme has high cost, low efficiency, and has certain difficulties in quality assurance. In order to ensure product production efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality, it must be considered that the blank forming is completed on a multi-station cold heading machine at one time.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: carbon steel machine screws, nut buckles with lock caps, hook rope buckles, GB806 galvanized high-head knurled nuts, inch hexagon nuts and other products, We can provide you with the right fastener solution for you.

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