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304 Stainless Steel American Hex Nut Inch Hex Nut American Standard Fine Thread Nut

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: cylindrical socket head c...

DIN6796 Disc Spring Washers (HDS Series) are lock washers designed for bolted and screwed connections. It is designed and manufactured according to DIN 6796 for the connection of medium or high strength bolts and screws. High bearing loads and elastic recovery make the HDS series very effective, and the bolt tension can withstand slack due to: wear of consumables, creep, relaxation, thermal expansion, contraction, or compression of seals. The HDS series increases the elasticity of the screw several times. It can effectively replace the ordinary spring washer, but it is not suitable for the combination of lock washer and flat washer.

The existing way to achieve radial locking of the shaft is generally to sleeve the positioning block on the shaft, and then use a cylindrical pin to pass through the positioning block to lock the shaft. The locking structure and method are as follows: A locking groove with an arc-shaped cross-section is set on the outer side of the shaft along the direction perpendicular to the axis of the shaft, an opening is set on the positioning block, and then a cylindrical pin is used to pass through the positioning block from the outside of the positioning block and screw the lock at one end of the cylindrical pin. When the lock nut is tightened, the opening on the positioning block will be deformed inwardly and locked on the shaft.

The rivet provided by Yueluo Creation includes a mandrel and a coaxial matching nail sleeve outside the mandrel; the mandrel includes a head, a central rod and a tail, and a position close to the head is provided with an inner A concave section of the lock ring area, a position close to the tail is provided with a section of lock area that inclines and shrinks inward along the direction of the head to the tail; the lock ring area of the core rod is gap-fitted and fixed with a lock ring , a part of the lock ring is located inside the sleeve head of the nail sleeve, and the part of the lock ring located outside the sleeve head of the nail sleeve can be interference fit with the nail sleeve; the nail sleeve The sleeve is provided with a through hole for the core rod to penetrate into, the inner wall of the nail sleeve forming the through hole is provided with a protruding structure, and one end of the protruding structure is close to the sleeve head of the nail sleeve The end of the core rod is close to or adjacent to the end of the tail of the core rod.

With the mass production of large-scale equipment, standardization, and the concept of lean production, it has become more and more important to improve the efficiency of the assembly stage. Nowadays, when assembling small equipment, power tools and automatic bolt supply devices are basically popular, but only for M3 and smaller However, large equipment is often fastened with M8 or larger diameter bolts, and it is still in the process of combining manual and air tools. Among them, the pre-installation of the flat and spring washers on the bolts is completely manual operation. When the bolts need to be tightened in large quantities, the shortcomings of low efficiency are particularly obvious, and the flat and spring washers are easy to be scattered when manually assembled, and there are mixed installations of different specifications. Problems such as less installation and missing installation will affect the processing quality.

Nuts are very common fasteners. Generally, the torque cannot be limited when the nut is twisted. The degree of tightness of the nut is mostly judged by the worker's experience. In this way, when the nut is over-tightened, it will lead to the destruction of the thread pair, thereby shortening the fastener. The life of the nut may even cause the bolts to be pulled off in severe cases; and the nut is too loosely screwed, which will lead to the problem of insecure fixing.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: A and B grade 1 type 1 hexagon slotted nuts, hexagon socket head bolts, 4 grade washers, hexagon stud nuts and other products, we can provide You have the right fastener solution for you.

304 Stainless Steel American Hex Nut

Inch Hex Nut

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