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Stainless steel outer triangular anti-theft screw Chassis bolt Anti-penetration screw Specification and material

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: straight-through embe...

The anti-theft screw of this structure has two disadvantages. One is that the polygonal block moves up and down in the polygonal hole, and the polygonal hole in the connecting piece and the polygonal hole on the threaded part have no limit structure. Because of the polygonal structure, the two If the polygonal holes of the parts cannot be aligned, dislocation occurs, and any edge may block the up and down movement of the polygonal block, which is very unsmooth during use. The second is that the shell of the lock cylinder and the hexagonal part are connected by pins, and the pins are exposed on the hexagonal parts, which are easily damaged and leave opportunities for theft; once the pin is pried off, the lock cylinder will be taken out, and the entire anti-theft screw will be lost. and the pin fixation is sometimes unstable, which is detrimental to theft.

The rubber ring and the metal ring are integrally bonded and vulcanized. It is a sealing ring used to seal the thread and flange connection. The ring includes a metal ring and a rubber gasket. The metal ring is rust-proof, and the rubber ring is generally made of oil-resistant nitrile rubber or fluororubber. Combination pads are available in metric and inch sizes, and the standard JB982-77 specifies the combination of metal pads and rubber. Combination sealing washer is used for threaded pipe joints and screw plug sealing. It is generally used with ferrule type pipe joints to block oil ports. It is mainly used for end face static sealing of threaded joints of hydraulic valve pipe joints. It is suitable for British and American standards. Inch thread and end face static seal at French and German standard metric thread connections, etc. The combined sealing gasket can be divided into A type and B type according to the structure; it can be divided into full package and half package according to the difference of rubber.

However, although the existing screws can meet the function of connecting and fastening objects, they are all pressed against the object by the head to achieve the purpose of pressing and fixing. However, due to the small size of the head, it is difficult to press the object firmly. , for this reason, only spacers can be added to increase the pressing area. However, in the assembly process, the gasket is prone to slip off, and it needs to be supported by hand, which brings inconvenience to installation and use; at the same time, sometimes the object to be pressed is only on one side of the screw, and the other side of the screw does not need to be pressed. This results in unnecessary waste of materials, and also occupies a certain space, which brings trouble to the installation of other components.

Some heavy equipment such as large motors, large reducers, etc., in order to facilitate the installation and adjustment of equipment and the need for maintenance space, a certain position needs to be moved during equipment installation and maintenance. Usually, a steel base or platform is set under the equipment, and the base or The platform is provided with an oblong bolt installation slot, commonly known as an oblong slot, as shown in Figure 1--Figure 4. When using common hexagon head bolts or common T-bolts with the long circular groove in Figures 1 and 2, auxiliary fixing bolts or welding stoppers are required on the back of the long circular groove to prevent the bolt from rotating when the nut is tightened. In Fig. 3 and Fig. 4, the long circular groove itself has a clamping groove to prevent the rotation of the bolt, but this structure greatly increases the processing cost of the long circular groove.

How to use, what is a rivet nut? Usually, rivet nuts used inside elevators are used to install some kind of screws when installing various parts on cars or individual boards on aviation. Commonly used places are very important connection parts, so the choice of rivet nut material is very important. How to use the rivet nut? Let's watch it together. Rivet nuts are used in the fixing fields of various metal plates, pipes and other manufacturing industries, and are widely used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products such as automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, and decoration. It is designed to solve the shortcomings of sheet metal, thin-walled pipe welding nut, substrate welding deformation, internal thread taper, etc. It does not require internal thread, welding nut, rivet efficiency, and is easy to use.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: GB6171 screws, screw rivets, GB97 flat washers, 2 half-tooth screws and other products, we can provide you with suitable fastener solutions for you.

Stainless steel outer triangle anti-theft screw

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