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Positioning adjustment screw block stainless steel non-standard drawings can be customized

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: knock-on combinati...

Knurled copper nuts are mainly used for injection molding, hardware springs, special-shaped springs, craft gift springs, battery spring sheets, spring antennas, key rings, phosphor bronze spring CNC automatic lathe turning parts (copper car parts, iron car parts, aluminum car parts) , metal stamping parts, electronic hardware, iron shaft, single flower shaft, multi flower shaft, iron pin, non-standard screw and nut, connecting parts, fasteners, wire forming (metal wire business card holder, model aircraft landing gear, S hook , R-type latch, triangle buckle, D-type buckle) and other hardware products belong to the copper nut series.

Rivets are mostly used for fixed riveting and movable riveting between parts. The rivets used for movable riveting are mostly cylindrical, and there is no size limit for riveted parts, which is easy to cause parts to be squeezed and deformed during riveting. For example, The parts are inserted into the parts for active riveting. When riveting, the riveting force can easily cause the parts to clamp the parts, which in turn causes difficulty in the movement of the parts and the parts, high operating force and noise problems, and the parts are easily damaged.

Yueluo provides a thin-plate rivet method, which includes the following steps: providing a metal thin plate, a rivet and a thin-plate rivet fixture, the outer edge of the rivet is provided with an engaging structure, and the thin-plate rivet fixture includes a rivet head and a thin plate rivet fixture. The riveting head has a convex rib on the surface of the rivet head; a riveting hole is formed in the thin metal; The two sides of the metal sheet are extruded so that the protruding ribs are embedded in the metal sheet, so that the metal sheet is deformed, and the inner edge of the rivet hole shrinks inward to fix the occlusal structure.

When the rivet is riveted, it is often necessary to locate and fix the rivet. However, the common rivet positioning mechanism at present often has no way to effectively and quickly remove the restriction on the rivet after the rivet is fixed, which makes it difficult for the nailing mechanism to be inserted. Quickly drive the positioned rivets.

In order to solve the above-mentioned technical problems, a technical scheme adopted by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is: a rivet capable of selecting a breaking point is provided, comprising a nail body and a mandrel, and the mandrel is sequentially provided with from the head to the tail. Hemispherical head, cone and cylinder, the cones are provided with at least three, the mandrel penetrates into the nail body from the bottom of the nail body, and then goes out from the head of the nail body, the hemispherical head and the cylinder Exposed on the bottom of the nail body and the outside of the head, the cones are all arranged inside the nail body.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: hexagonal flange lock nuts, pipe clamp pipe hook circle screws, half-threaded bolts, black plated countersunk head socket head socket head bolts and other products, we can Provide you with the right fastener solution for you.

positioning adjustment screw


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