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Watch case decorative screw watch screw rivet cup head plum non-standard

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: precision square nuts...

As a standard part, it should have its own general specifications. For hexagonal nuts, the commonly used standards are: GB52, GB6170, GB6172 and DIN934. The main differences between them are: GB6170 is thicker than GB52, GB6172 and DIN934. Thick from DIN934, commonly known as thick nut. The other is the difference between the opposite sides, the opposite sides of DIN934, GB6170 and GB6172 in the M8 nut series are 13MM smaller than the opposite side 14MM of GB52, and the opposite sides of M10 nuts, DIN934 and GB52 are 17MM. The opposite side of GB6170 and GB6172 should be 1MM larger, M12 nut, DIN934, GB52's opposite side is 19MM larger than GB6170 and GB6172's opposite side 18MM is 1MM larger. For M14 nuts, the opposite side of DIN934 and GB52 is 22MM, which is 1MM larger than the opposite side of GB6170 and GB6172, which is 21MM. The other is the M22 nut. The opposite side of DIN934 and GB52 is 32MM, which is 2MM smaller than the opposite side of GB6170 and GB6172, which is 34MM. (Besides the thickness of GB6170 and GB6172 are the same, the width of the opposite side is exactly the same) The rest of the specifications can be used in general without considering the thickness.

With the development of science and technology, the advancement of technology, the rapid change of automotive products, also put forward higher requirements for fastener products, and automotive fastener-related products, especially in the process of assembling auto parts, in order to effectively improve the bolts The fastening strength is mostly made of combined gaskets (flat gaskets, cone gaskets) and riveted nuts to meet the assembly requirements.

In order to achieve the above purpose, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. provides the following technical solution: a square nut, including a nut body, the nut body is in the shape of a cube, the side length is 7.6mm, the height is 2.4mm, and the nut body is up and down. Both ends are respectively provided with a circular protrusion and a circular protrusion with a height of 0.25mm, the circular protrusion and the circular protrusion are respectively tangent to the upper and lower surfaces of the nut body which are square, and the circular protrusion and the circular protrusion are respectively tangent to the square upper and lower surfaces of the nut body. The protrusion and the circular protrusion are provided with a through hole in the middle and penetrate through the nut body. The opening of the through hole is provided with a chamfer of 30°, and the inner wall of the through hole is provided with a thread. There are several strip-shaped protrusions from the circumference inward to the opening of the through hole, and a number of strip-shaped grooves are arranged from the opening of the through hole outward to the circumference of the circular protrusion. There is a chamfer of 15° extending outward to the prism of the nut body.

All kinds of industrial equipment need to be installed on the equipment foundation for work and operation. The equipment foundation includes concrete foundation, steel base, steel platform, steel frame and other forms.

Locking of screws belongs to the prior art. Or by means of a visual method (X-ray control) a more or less complex aiming device is inserted into the transverse hole of the screw. In both cases a certain misalignment is unavoidable, ie the screw may not be coaxial with the central axis of the transverse hole and deviate from it by a certain value. In order for the locking screw to pass into and through the transverse hole despite this misalignment, the outer diameter of the screw is determined to be a size smaller than the diameter of the transverse hole. If the aiming is not maintained within this small dimension value, the locking screw can pass through the transverse hole without difficulty despite the aiming error. Now, however, the locking screw has a certain clearance relative to the transverse hole due to the determination of a smaller size value.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: national standard screws, 412 cylinder head bolts, support spacer studs, through-hole star handle plastic wood nuts and other products, we can provide you with suitable products for you fastener solutions.

Watch case decorative screws

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