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Straight Flower Stainless Steel Screws Point Tail Screws Straight Flower Screws Slotted Screws

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: 8-grade black fine...

Existing bolt pairs usually include bolts, nuts and washers, and their specific structures and usage methods are traditionally known and common in life. They will not be described in detail here. You can find relevant bolt pairs by searching for bolt pairs on the Internet. Information picture, the structure of the ordinary bolt pair has basically no structural improvement since it was used as a fastener. The production requirements of ordinary bolt pairs are the basic material, structural strength, and accuracy requirements, while the tightening and anti-loosening requirements The requirements of the effect are basically to achieve the problem of tightening and anti-loosening by using elastic washers, anti-loosening washers or using double nuts.

3. Friction coefficient The friction angle is an important factor affecting the torque, and the existence of friction is the basis for the normal operation of the lock nut. When the lock nut is working, the contact surface has pressure and friction under the action of the elastic restoring force of the thread piece. During the repeated use, the rough position and edges and corners of the contact surface are ground and smoothed under the action of cyclic friction. The coefficient of friction becomes smaller, which in turn reduces the maximum unscrewing torque of the nut.

National standard lock nut GB/T 6182-2000 Type 2 non-metallic insert hexagonal lock nut. GB/T 6183.1-2000 Non-metallic insert hexagonal flange lock nuts. GB/T 6183.2-2000 Non-metallic insert hexagonal flange lock nuts - fine pitch. GB/T 6184-2000 Type 1 All-Metal Hexagon Lock Nuts. GB/T 6185.1-2000 Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts. GB/T 6185.2-2000 Type 2 all-metal hexagonal lock nuts with fine teeth. GB/T 6186-2000 Type 2 All-Metal Hexagon Lock Nuts Grade 9. GB/T 6187.1-2000 All-metal hexagonal flange lock nuts. GB/T 6187.2-2000 All-metal hexagonal flange lock nut with fine teeth. GB/T 889.1-2000 Type 1 non-metallic insert hexagon lock nuts. GB/T 889.2-2000 Type 1 non-metallic insert hexagonal lock nut fine pitch.

With the rapid development of electronic technology, the integration of circuit boards is getting higher and higher, and the number of layers of circuit boards is increasing. Press-fit and fix to ensure accurate alignment during riveting and pressing. The rivets used on PCB boards are basically brass rivets. When riveting and pressing multi-layer PCB boards, metal chips are prone to appear, inner layer short circuits or foreign objects between layers, and because of the brass rivets With higher hardness and larger wall thickness, the riveted area of the PCB is thicker than the non-riveted area, which is easy to cause damage to the middle steel plate of the auxiliary tool. At the same time, the protruding rivets hinder the free expansion of the copper foil, which is easy to produce copper foil. wrinkling phenomenon. Now there are improved plastic rivets used to manufacture multi-layer PCB boards. The advantage is that no metal debris is generated, and at the same time, the tool steel plate is not damaged to the greatest extent. However, the existing plastic rivets are insufficient due to the inherent strength of plastics. When the PCB board is riveted and pressed, it is easy to deform, and the positioning is inaccurate, resulting in dislocation between layers, resulting in poor improvement of the product defect rate.

If the above-mentioned nuts and screws are used as a kind of fasteners that can prevent others from being disassembled, such as when installing iron doors-steel windows, people usually tighten the nuts first, and then use a welding machine to weld the nuts and screws. To prevent the nut from loosening, it may be necessary to use a tool to mill the threads on the screw. It can be seen that this approach is very inconvenient.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: open rivets, 3mm galvanized blind hole pressure riveting nut column, round head screw nut set complete nut, copper embedded parts copper knurled nuts and other products , we can provide you with a fastener solution that suits you.

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