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With medium screw combination screw non-standard screw stainless steel screw 3/8 5/8 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: carbon steel step hex...

The gasket is a part that is placed between the connector and the nut, and is generally a flat metal ring. Gaskets are used for mechanical seals between two objects, usually to prevent pressure, corrosion, and natural thermal expansion and contraction of pipes between two objects and leakage. Since machining the surface is not possible, irregularities can be filled with spacers. Gaskets are typically made from sheet materials such as backing paper, rubber, silicone rubber, metal, cork, felt, neoprene, rubber, fiberglass, or plastic polymers such as Teflon, application-specific gaskets May contain asbestos. Other uses are as spacers, springs (Belleville spacers, wave spacers), wear pads, pre-display devices, lock devices. Rubber gaskets are also used in faucets (valves) to cut off the flow of liquid or gas, and rubber or silicon gaskets are also used to reduce fan vibration. The function of ordinary gaskets is not good, the gaskets are easy to slip during the nut pressing process, the tightening effect is poor, the wear resistance of the gaskets is not good, and it has no anti-interference effect when used in electronic components.

The spring washer can prevent loosening and increase the pre-tightening force, while the flat washer does not have this function. It can be used to increase the tightening contact area, prevent the friction between the bolt and the workpiece, and protect the surface of the connector to prevent bolts. The surface of the workpiece is scratched when the nut is tightened. However, for some important connections, such as places that rely mainly on compression to generate frictional force to transmit power, spring pads cannot be used, and the rigidity of the connection is reduced, which is prone to accidents. Spring washers can be omitted. When the strength of the connected parts is low, use flat washers or flange bolts to increase the contact area. When there is vibration, pulse, and the temperature of the medium fluctuates greatly, spring washers must be used.

flange T-bolt, comprising: a T-bolt including a threaded tooth body and a bolt head fixedly connected to the threaded tooth body; a flange gasket with a plurality of clip teeth, the flange gasket passing through the The plurality of clamping teeth are clamped with the bolt head of the T-bolt. The technical solution of the utility model is that when the groove-type embedded parts are embedded vertically or at a certain angle, the plastic flange of the new T-bolt will help the bolt to be pre-positioned at a certain position of the groove. When multiple T-bolts are used for fixing, Only one worker needs to pre-arrange the bolt positions and then lock the nuts, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

Bolts are widely used in the machinery industry. Round head bolts are generally fixed in equipment parts, but during long-term use, due to external force or vibration of the equipment itself, the bolts are loosened, and the bolt heads have a long-term use process. A fatal disadvantage is that it is prone to slippage, which can cause major safety hazards and economic losses to users in severe cases.

The conventional auger bit structure 1 includes a rod body 11, a screw head 12 provided on one end of the rod body 11, a drill tail 13 provided on the other end of the rod body 11, and a plurality of threads 14 arranged around the rod body 11; Wherein, the periphery of the drill tail 13 defines a parting line 15, and the parting line 15 makes the drill tail 13 symmetrically divided into a side 131 and a side 132, and a cutting end 133 is formed at the junction of the end of the side 131 and the end of the side 132, respectively. The cutting end 133 is concavely provided with a quarter-turn chip flute 134 in the same direction of the helix, and the edge 132 continues the chip flute 134 and has a quarter-turn chip flute 135 with different helical curvatures. , by connecting the chip groove 134 and the chip groove 135 through different helical curvatures, the drill tail 13 can form a symmetrical and complete chip groove of 189 degrees.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: U-shaped insert nuts, boat-shaped slider block nuts, recessed cross hexagon bolts, thickened and widened flat washers and other products. We can provide you with the right fastener solution for you.

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