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Automatic Lathe Parts Shaped Nut Polygonal Nut 3/8 5/8 1/2-13 1/4-20

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: model machine round a...

Mine trucks are required for underground construction and coal transportation. With the vigorous development of energy, the output of coal has increased significantly, and the demand for mine trucks has increased. The axle card is an important part of the mine car. Its shape is irregular, and the blank is a casting. It needs to be finished on the semicircular surface whose upper center is matched with the mine car axle. At present, the mine truck axle card is generally processed by a milling machine, which has the problem of low efficiency.

Half round head rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions with large lateral loads, and are the most widely used. Flat cone head rivets are often used in riveting occasions with strong corrosion such as ship hulls, boiler water tanks, etc. Countersunk head and 1200 countersunk head rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions where the surface must be smooth and the load is not large. Half countersunk head and 1200 half countersunk head rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions where the surface must be smooth and the load is not large. Flat head rivets are used for riveting occasions with general load. Flat head and flat head rivets are mainly used for riveting of metal sheets or non-metallic materials such as leather, canvas and wood. Large flat head rivets are mainly used for riveting of non-metallic materials. Semi-hollow rivets are mainly used for riveting occasions with small loads. Headless rivets are mainly used for riveting of non-metallic materials. Hollow rivets are light in weight and weak in head, and are used for riveting of non-metallic materials with small loads. Tubular rivets are used for riveting of non-metallic materials without load. Nameplate rivets are mainly used for riveting nameplates on machines and equipment.

Screws are often used on objects, such as data storage, to support the objects on a bracket. Since the item will vibrate during operation or when subjected to shock, if the shock is not minimized, the item will be damaged. Therefore, some cushioning elements with cushioning properties are applied to the article. The buffer is fixed to the object by the screw. When the object vibrates, the buffer will reduce the vibration, thereby reducing the damage to the object. However, since the buffer is exposed Therefore, when the object is installed or disassembled, the object is moving relative to the bracket, and the friction between the buffer and the bracket will cause the buffer to move. It is very easy to age, thus greatly reducing its service life. SUMMARY OF THE UTILITY MODEL In view of the above, it is necessary to provide a screw combination that can protect a buffer member with buffer performance to improve its service life. A screw combination includes a screw, an elastic retaining ring and a buffer, the screw includes a nut, a threaded portion and a neck formed between the nut and the threaded portion, the retaining ring It is fixed on the neck of the screw, the buffer is sleeved on the screw, and the screw combination further includes a cover set on the screw, and the cover includes a top and a forming part. In the shielding part of the top, the top is located between the nut and the retaining ring, and is blocked by the nut and the retaining ring so as not to be separated from the screw, and the shielding part covers the The retaining ring and the buffer element are slightly exposed from the shielding part. Compared with the prior art, the screw assembly of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. protects the buffer by covering the buffer by the shutter, thereby increasing its service life.

However, Yueluo still feels that there should be room for improvement for the screw improvement and screw that integrates stability, labor, fast and multi-function in the above two cases; for example, No. 556784 screw improvement Although the rod has the function of cutting and collecting chips, when the screw starts to screw into the object such as wood, it is hindered by the hardness of the object's tissue, so the staff still needs to exert considerable force, resulting in the lock. In the solid operation, there is still a lack of difficulty in screw-in operation; another example, new cases such as No. 289417 screw that integrates locking, stability, labor-saving, fast and multi-function, although the rod has the structural function of cutting and chip removal, it is The rod part is screwed into the middle section to the rear section of the object. Since the debris cannot be discharged, the rod part pushes the outer part of the object to the surrounding tissue of the object, so that the object expands outwards and even seriously damages the appearance of the object.

Bolt: A mechanical part, a cylindrical threaded fastener with a nut. A type of fastener consisting of a head and a screw (a cylinder with an external thread), which needs to be matched with a nut to fasten and connect two parts with through holes. This form of connection is called a bolted connection. If the nut is unscrewed from the bolt, the two parts can be separated, so the bolt connection is a detachable connection.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: internal thread pin, FPV model frame double internal thread mesh nut, hexagon socket splint screw, butt lock screw 304 double-strand pull stud Rivets and other products, we can provide you with a fastener solution that suits you.

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