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Non-standard Hexagon Screw Silicone Plastic Hardware Accessories 3/8 5/8 1/2-13 1/4-20

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: external expansion sc...

On the surface of the mounting hole on the connector, a 90-degree conical socket is machined, and the head of the flat machine screw is in the socket and is flush with the surface of the connector. Flat machine screws are also used in some occasions with semi-circle head flat machine screws, which are more beautiful and are used for places where a little protrusion is allowed on the surface. Screws play the role of connecting two or more objects and are an indispensable necessity in daily life or industrial manufacturing. There are countersunk head bolts (with grooves) and countersunk head bolts (with tenon).

The use of the screw is mostly used in plastic molding equipment, such as plastic profile extruders, injection molding machines, etc. Screw and barrel are the core components of plastic molding equipment. It is the part of heating extrusion plasticizing. It is the core of plastic machinery. Screws are widely used in machining centers, CNC machines, CNC lathes, injection molding machines, wire cutting machines, grinding machines, milling machines, slow wire walking, fast wire walking, PCB drilling machines, engraving machines, engraving and milling machines, spark discharge machines, tooth bite machines , planer, large vertical lathe gantry milling, etc.

Gaskets are widely used in the machinery industry. According to the different needs of machinery and equipment in different industries, the structural forms of the sealing points are also different. Plum washer is one of the commonly used seals. It is commonly used between the pump and the motor coupling. In the actual production process of the enterprise, it is found that due to the influence of the material and structure, this type of gasket in common use can withstand impact force. Small, the septum is easily damaged. Because the current plum washers are all one-piece structures, even if one or several of the partitions are damaged, they need to be replaced as a whole. Although the value of a single plum washer is low, it needs to be shut down for maintenance and replacement almost every week. It also seriously affects the normal production of the enterprise, and the one-piece plum blossom gasket is also difficult to repair, adding unnecessary use costs to the enterprise. For this reason, the plum blossom gasket needs to be improved to strengthen the impact resistance of the gasket, and can be repeated Maintenance and use, prolong the maintenance cycle of the equipment, and ensure the normal production of the enterprise. The purpose of the utility model Yueluo is to solve the above-mentioned deficiencies in the existing technology, improve the existing technology, and provide a simple structure, which strengthens the impact resistance of the gasket, and can be repeatedly maintained and used to prolong the maintenance of the equipment. The cycle guarantees the plum blossom elastic washer normally produced by the enterprise. In order to achieve the above purpose, Yueluo is achieved through the following technical solutions-namely a plum blossom elastic washer, including an elastic washer body with a partition, the technical point is that the washer body is composed of a washer base and a partition that is independent of each other. , the septum and the gasket base are fixedly connected into one through the fixing piece. In order to further strengthen the impact resistance of Yueluo, the contact parts of the spacer and the washer base are respectively processed with a limited clamping table and a matching groove, so that the spacer and the washer base can be better integrated into one. According to the different specifications of the torx washer, the spacer and the washer can be fixed as a whole by rivets; or by screws. In addition, a semi-rigid tightening ring with grooves is embedded inside the washer base, and the width of the tightening ring is smaller than the width of the washer base; the ends of the rivets or screws are located in the grooves of the tightening ring, so as not to affect the performance of the torx washer JH is often installed. After the above improvement, Yueluo has improved the one-piece structure of the plum-blossom washer into a split structure and adopted a variety of fixed structure forms, so it has a simple structure, strengthens the impact resistance of the gasket, and can be repeatedly maintained and used. , Extend the maintenance cycle of the equipment and ensure the advantages of the normal production of the enterprise.

The utility model proposes an installation structure which adopts a T-shaped bolt to cooperate with a channel, which includes a bolt head, an installation channel, a nut and a washer. The upper end of the screw rod is provided with a screw head, the two side walls of the bolt head are respectively provided with an arc surface, the two ends of the bolt head are provided with protrusions, and the interior of the installation channel is provided with an inner cavity, There is an opening above the installation channel, the bolt head is installed in the inner cavity, the nut is installed on the screw, the nut is located above the installation channel, and the gasket is installed on the installation channel and the nut between.

During the daily use and operation of mechanical equipment, due to the influence of external load, internal stress, wear, corrosion and natural erosion, individual parts or the whole change size, shape, mechanical properties, etc., which reduces the production capacity of the equipment. The consumption of raw materials and power increases, the quality of products decreases, and even personal and equipment accidents are caused. Therefore, in order to make the machinery and equipment can often play the production efficiency and prolong the service life of the equipment, the equipment must be properly repaired and routinely maintained.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: hexagonal nuts for combined structures, European standard profile slider nuts, enlarged and widened flat washers, metric nuts and other products, we can provide you with suitable products. Your fastener solution.

Non-standard hexagon screws

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