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Customized galvanized 8.8-grade outer hexagonal set combination screw flat media spring washer nut combination bolt screw

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: American cap nuts, le...

In many national standards, there will be a division of intensity levels. Combination screws are no exception. The strength grade of the combined screw is divided according to the material of the screw wire and the hardness index of the screw wire. General combination screw materials are divided into stainless steel and iron, stainless steel is divided into stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304 and stainless steel 316 and so on. Iron is divided into three types: low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and high carbon steel. Carbon steel combination screws refer to iron combination screws. Generally, iron combination screws are classified into grades 4.8, 8.8, 10.9, and 12.9. However, the combination screws of grade 10.9 and grade 12.9 are rarely used in the market, so we will not talk about them here. And the combination screws on the market are more commonly used combination screws of grade 4.8 and 8.8. 4.8 grade combination screws are generally made of 1010A screw wire rods. After the screw wire rods are beaten into screws, they are combined with spring flat washers. After production, this 4.8 grade combination screw does not need to be hardened. Its hardness can reach 4.8. 8.8 grade combination screws are generally made of screw wire 10B21 piers. After the screw and wire piers are made into screws, they are equipped with spring washers and flat washers. They can pass through the automatic elastic flat washer machine to rub the three pieces together. Fasten the spring-flat washer combination on the screw, and the spring-flat washer will not fall off. After the combination screw is produced, it needs to be hardened to make the hardness reach 8.8. After the hardness reaches 8.8, we need to take it for electroplating. In order to prevent hydrogen embrittlement of the spring washer in the 8.8-level combination screw with added hardness, it is easy to break. In this way, we have to perform hydrogen removal treatment on the hardened combined screws, and only after the hydrogen removal can be plated. In short, there are many kinds of standard grades of combined screw strength, but generally only two types are used in the market, one is the 4.8-level combined screw strength, and the other is the 8.8-level combined screw strength. 4.8-level combination screws are the most used in the market and customer needs, and have a wide range of applications. As for the standard strength of 8.8-level combination screws, we generally refer to 8.8-level hexagon socket head combination screws, 8.8-level pan head combination screws, and 8.8-level external hexagon combination screws. These three are more commonly used.

Riveting is a method for combining two pieces of metal. Therefore, riveting technology is often used to fasten rivets such as nuts or rivets to metal sheets.

The traditional fixture shown in Figure 2 is composed of a hardened support cylinder and a hardened shear bar, and has a simple structure. The cylindrical pin is loaded into the hardened support cylinder, and the shear test is completed by applying an axial load to the hardened shear bar. Since the standard stipulates that the gap between the loading part and the supporting part does not exceed 0.15mm, in order to ensure the matching of the gap during the shear test of the cylindrical pin, the diameter of the cylindrical pin on the cylinder is generally equal to the theoretical cylindrical pin. In practical application, the cylindrical pin is irregular in size after heat treatment. To realize the shear test, the cylindrical pin must be inserted into the hole with the help of external force, which is difficult to install and clamp and takes a long time. If the double-sided shearing is performed, that is If the cylindrical pins need to be installed on both sides, the time is doubled, and the notch of the cylindrical pins cannot be guaranteed to face upwards.

1. Correctly select the product a. Before use, confirm whether the mechanical properties of the product can meet the needs of use, such as the tensile strength of the screw and the guaranteed load of the nut. The length of the screw should be selected appropriately, and the 1-2 pitch of the nut will be exposed after tightening. b. Before use, check whether the threads are rough, and whether there is iron filings or dirt between the threads, which often lead to locking. c. The fasteners can be lubricated before use. It is recommended to use butter, molybdenum disulfide, mica, graphite or talc for lubrication. Generally, dipping wax is used for lubrication and anti-locking. [1] 2. Pay attention to the use method when using it. a. The speed and force of screwing in should be appropriate, not too fast or too large. Use a torque wrench or socket wrench as much as possible, and avoid using an adjustable wrench or an electric wrench. Excessive speed will cause the temperature to rise rapidly and cause lock-up. b. In the direction of force, the nut must be screwed in perpendicular to the axis of the screw. c. The use of washers can effectively prevent the problem of over-tightening.

Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effects of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. are as follows: the square nut has a simple structure, strong practicability and good fastening effect, which changes the smooth plane design of the traditional square nut. There are circular protrusions, and strip protrusions and strip grooves are respectively provided at the two circular protrusions to increase the roughness of the contact surface of the nut, thereby effectively increasing the friction between the nut body and the fastener. , to achieve a good tightening effect.

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External Hexagon Set Combination Screws

Customized galvanized grade 8.8

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