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Customized Galvanized Hexagon Screws Half Thread and Full Thread 8.8 Hexagon Bolts and Screws

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: 12.9 metric screws, smoot...

The product structure in the known technology includes a T-shaped bolt with a longitudinal section, and a polygonal nut matched with the bolt. The bolt is divided into two parts: the screw and the screw head. The screw head is placed at one end of the screw to form an integral part. The radial length of the tightening surface of the screw head is greater than the radial length of the screw, and its axial length is less than the axial length of the screw; The solid surface is a polygon, and now a hexagon is commonly used. The periphery of the base of the nut and the screw head has a number of elastic surfaces corresponding to the polygon; the periphery of the axial screw is provided with an external thread matching the internal thread of the nut. In actual use, the fastener of this structure can be tightened by using a conventional screw, such as a wrench. Therefore, its anti-theft performance is poor and it is not suitable for occasions with special requirements.

In CN203807560, nails and bolts are used to connect the plates, but the heads of the nails and the bolts are enlarged ends that are wider than the rods, and the heads of the nails and the bolts cannot penetrate into the interior of the door body, so in terms of appearance, the more More nails and bolts will leave more spots on the surface of the door that are not suitable for the door itself. In the prior art, the treatment method for these spots is generally to paint with paint, which can only make the door panel consistent with the head of the nail and the bolt in color, but cannot change the shape of the head of the nail and the bolt, and the appearance is still good. Obvious spots were noticed, which made the door panels connected by nails and bolts to the panels, which could not be used as door panels for household doors.

In the prior art, the beams used for installing the curtain wall are mainly divided into two types: closed-cavity structure and open structure, and angle aluminum connection is mainly used for the connection between the beam and the column. As far as the beam of the closed-cavity structure is concerned, after the angle aluminum is used to connect, there are open bolts on both ends of the upper surface of the beam, and the aesthetic performance is extremely poor. As far as the beam of the open structure is concerned, in the actual connection, first fix one corner of the angle aluminum to the beam, and then connect the other corner of the angle aluminum to the column; due to the limited operating space in the beam of the open structure, the angle aluminum is not It is easy and accurate to install, and it takes a lot of time to install; and when the curtain wall panel is heavy, the beam will be twisted, causing the gusset of the opening part of the beam to fall. In addition, due to the limitation of the opening structure itself (an additional gusset or clasp), the aluminum content of the beam is relatively heavy, and the manufacturing cost is high.

At present, in the riveting of automobile and motor car parts, especially the parts that have vibration and need to move frequently, such as automobile steering gear, ordinary rivets and double-drum rivets are mostly used for riveting. Due to the limitations of the structure of these two products After riveting, the product has the defect of insufficient strength and easy to loosen and fall off, and it cannot be disassembled and can only be used once, thus affecting the quality and performance of the riveted product.

The common riveting techniques of non-blind rivets are divided into cold riveting and hot riveting. Cold riveting is a riveting method that uses a rivet rod to partially pressurize the rivet, and continuously swings around the center or the rivet is forced to expand until the rivet is formed. The common cold riveting methods are the pendulum riveting method and the radial riveting method. The pendulum rolling riveting method is easy to understand, and the rivet head only swings and rolls in the circumferential direction.

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