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Processing galvanized European standard diamond nut aluminum profile diamond nut 40 type aluminum profile nut 3/4

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: color zinc screws, fi...

Screw model Drive Code: groove on the head, characteristic model Length Code: screw length (mm) A-1: Thread Code: screw model Metric screws directly indicate the screw model with the outer diameter of the screw, such as M3, the outer diameter of the screw is 3.00mm. ; M4 means the outer diameter of the screw is 4.00mm. Metric Thread Size x Pitch: Note: The metric screw is behind the screw model, and sometimes the screw pitch is indicated. Such as M3x0.5, M4x0.70, M5x0.8, M6x1. Standard specification, usually not mentioned. A-2: Length Code: Screw length: For metric screws, the screw length is directly marked in mm. The total length of the screw is marked, only the length below the head is calculated, excluding the head height. But With the exception of flat head screws, the total length of the screw is marked with the head height. A-3: Drive Code/ Head Groove, Features.

In the production process of Yueluo, according to the different gap guarantee schemes adopted in the mold design, different gap assembly adjustment methods are adopted accordingly. At present, the gasket method, light transmission method, measurement method, copper plating (zinc) method are often used Method, coating method, process allowance, locator positioning and other assembly adjustment methods. Generally speaking, for the working parts processed separately by the punch and the concave die, since the reasonable gap of the die has been formed theoretically, the assembly principle is to fix the working part that is not easy to adjust, and adjust the working part of the other working part. To change the position between the punch and the die to ensure a uniform gap, at this time, only the screws are pre-tightened, and the positioning pins are not fixed. Yueluo, however, many years of practical experience have made those skilled in the art notice that if they can pay attention to the positioning pins and use the positioning pins in a targeted manner in the mold design or manufacturing process, they can often produce miraculous results with half the effort. Therefore, it is very important to design a positioning pin for a specific mold, which is of great practical significance.

Aiming at the shortcomings of the above-mentioned cabinets in the prior art that are assembled through hardware accessories, which affects the overall appearance, Yueluo provides a cabinet with a hidden screw-type installation structure and an assembling method thereof. The plate is fixed so that the screws can be hidden from the outside.

Align the four positioning holes 12-5 of the spring washer positioning plate 2 with the four positioning columns 4 of the screw tray 1, and place them on the screw tray 1. Several screws 5 are passed through the lower positioning plate 12-2 in turn. The spring washer hole 2-7, the opening slot 12-32 of the baffle plate 12-3, the inner ring of the spring washer 7 in the spring washer hole 2-7 of the upper positioning plate 12-1, hold the spring washer positioning plate 2 by hand The raised handle 12-31 of the baffle plate 12-3 pulls the baffle plate 12-3 out of the upper positioning plate 12-1 and the lower positioning plate 12-2, and several spring washers 7 pass through the holes on the lower positioning plate 12-2. The spring washer holes 2-7 fall down along the screw rod of screw 5, so that the screw rod of screw 5 penetrates into the spring washer 7, as shown in Figure 10, and then the spring washer positioning plate 2 is removed to complete the process of threading the spring washer.

The retaining ring is divided into two types: shaft use and hole use. Its structural characteristics: The shaft retaining ring is a kind of retaining ring installed on the shaft groove, which is used for positioning and fixing of shaft end parts, and can withstand severe vibration and shock loads, but It is necessary to take anti-loosening measures and installation positioning; the hole is installed in the circular hole with an elastic retaining ring, which is used for the axial movement of the fixed parts. The outer diameter of this retaining ring is slightly larger than the diameter of the assembly circular hole.

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Diamond Nuts

Processing galvanized European standard

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