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Customized lengthened 304 stainless steel expansion screw with ring expansion screw bolt hanging ring hanging nail hook

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: implosion gecko pull-...

Metric threads are measured in MM (millimeters) and have a cusp angle of 60 degrees. Both US and Imperial threads are measured in inches. The cusp angle of the American thread is also 60 degrees, while the cusp angle of the imperial thread is 55 degrees. Due to the different units of measurement, the representation methods of various threads are also different. For example, M16-2X60 represents a metric thread. His specific meaning is that the nominal diameter of the screw is 16MM, the pitch is 2MM, and the length is 60MM. Another example: 1/4—20X3/4 means the inch thread, what he specifically means is the nominal diameter of the screw It is 1/4 inch (one inch = 25.4MM), there are 20 teeth on one inch, and the length is 3/4 inch. In addition, if you want to express American screws, UNC and UNF are usually added to the back of the British screws to distinguish between American coarse teeth or American fine teeth. In the usual domestic sales business, the most common standards we encounter are GB (National Standard) and DIN (German Standard). In the production of Yaoda, the following standards are mainly encountered: GB30; GB5783; GB5782; GB52; GB6170; GB818; GB819; GB845; GB846; GB70; DIN912; DIN933; It has been replaced by GB5783 (new national standard). GB52 (old national standard) has been replaced by GB6170 (new national standard) in the standard book.

In a traditional spring mattress, there are two layers of spring pads that are independent of each other. The manufacturing process of this kind of mattress is complicated, time-consuming and material-consuming, and after long-term use, the springs in the two-layer independent spring cushion are prone to translocation, which deforms the mattress and affects people's sleep.

In the process of mechanical assembly, we often use pins to connect two parts, and the positioning pins are usually sunk into the pin installation holes on the mechanical parts. During the assembly process or after the assembly is completed, we often need to pull out the pins to assemble, revise or repair the parts. The existing method of pulling out the positioning pins is generally to use tools such as pliers, hand hammers, and blades to pull out the positioning pins, but This method is easy to damage the pin holes and pins, which will directly lead to the scrapping of the original parts. The positioning pin can be pulled out by pulling the pull rod, but in order to ensure the assembly accuracy between the parts, the matching between the positioning pin and the pin hole on the part is tight and the number of pins is large, so this method is inconvenient to operate. And time consuming.

Sprinkle the excess standard spring washer 7 on the positioning plate 12-1 on the spring washer positioning plate 2, and shake the spring washer positioning plate 2 by hand. After a short time, the spring washer 7 will be positioned and arranged on the upper positioning plate 12-1. In the upper spring washer hole 2-7, since the width of the opening groove 12-32 of the baffle plate 12-3 is smaller than the diameter of the spring washer hole 2-7, and the thickness of the upper positioning plate 12-1 is designed according to the thickness of the spring washer 7, Only one spring washer 7 can be accommodated in the spring washer hole 2-7 of each upper positioning plate 12-1, and the excess spring washer 7 is cleaned with a brush.

In mechanical devices, there are many ways to install and connect two components, such as bolt connection, welding, etc., but for installation and connection in a narrow space, such as the socket of two hollow cylinders with smaller diameters, due to the relatively small space It is very difficult to use this method, and it is extremely inconvenient to install and connect.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: flat head flat cup flat machine screws, GB9074.17 screws, gasket specifications and dimensions, black zinc nylon lock nuts and other products, we can provide you with Provide the right fastener solution for you.

Expansion screw

Customized lengthened 304 stainless steel

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