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Customized color galvanized full tooth half tooth screw full thread screw tooth bar double head tooth furniture link

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: decorative nuts, separate...

At present, the commonly used fastener loosening prevention methods generally include non-removable anti-loosening solutions and friction-increasing anti-loosening solutions. The non-removable anti-loosening scheme uses welding, bonding or punch point riveting to change the detachable threaded connection into a non-detachable threaded connection. In the non-removable anti-loosening scheme, the threaded fasteners cannot be reused and the operation is troublesome. It is often used in some important occasions that require high anti-loosening performance without disassembly. The anti-loosening scheme that increases the frictional force uses the method of increasing the frictional force of the bolt (screw) head and the end face of the nut to achieve the purpose of anti-loosening. The anti-loosening solution that increases friction is not limited by space and can be disassembled repeatedly, but the reliability is poor. After a certain period of work, the anti-loosening effect will be reduced due to vibration and other reasons.

The purpose of Yueluo is to provide a stamping process for screws. Before stamping, a sticky protective layer is coated on the pressure surface of the screw blank. The sticky protective layer can play a buffering role during stamping and prevent the screw head from being damaged. In order to achieve the above purpose, the technical solution of Yueluo is to design a screw stamping process, which uses a stamping die to stamp the screw blank and punch out the screw head; and before stamping, the pressure surface of the screw blank is coated with adhesive protection. layer.

The core rivet is a new type of riveting fastener that is very convenient for riveting. It can show its unique advantages in a relatively small space or in an environment where there is no rivet gun or a rivet gun cannot be used. Two or more connected parts can be riveted successfully by hitting the mandrel on one side with a hammer or other utensils. Core rivets can be divided into oblate head core rivets and countersunk head core rivets according to the shape of the brim of the nail cap. According to different material combinations, they can be divided into all aluminum core rivets, aluminum steel core rivets, and all stainless steel core rivets. Rivets, steel rivets, aluminum stainless steel rivets, plastic rivets, etc. Core rivets do not have to be riveted with manual riveting guns or pneumatic riveting guns like blind rivets. They have better riveting and convenience, and can be widely used in the riveting of various connected parts.

In order to meet the needs of different assembled installation components, there are also hand-tightening methods for tightening the screws, but in actual use, ordinary manual screws can easily cause hand pain to the user, and the operation is extremely inconvenient; at the same time, due to tightening The contact area between the screw and the installation component is too small. If the user exerts too much force, the uneven force per unit area of the installation component will cause deformation and depression, which will affect the use. Therefore, a manual screw is proposed to solve the above problems.

It can be seen that the above processing method can only be used to process a relatively simple retaining ring (that is, only a ring body, which cannot be cut or punched), and the outer surface of the processed retaining ring still cannot be guaranteed to be completely flat.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: anti-skid bolts with teeth, cabinet screws, all-tooth socket head cap screws and bolts, aluminum percussion flat cap Liuding and other products, we can provide you with Provide the right fastener solution for you.

Full tooth half tooth screw

Customized color galvanized

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