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Production of copper teeth plum blossom plastic head handle nut six-star handle star handle copper core screw 3/4

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: U-shaped screws, DIN934 s...

Heat resistance refers to both the oxidation resistance or gas medium corrosion resistance at high temperature, that is, thermal stability, and at the same time, it has sufficient strength at high temperature, that is, thermal strength. As the material requirements of products produced by customers are getting higher and higher, the requirements for screws used in product materials are also getting higher and higher. When product materials face harsh environments and special occasions, more and more high-quality mechanical properties of stainless steel screws are used. Therefore, stainless steel screws were selected. The requirements are getting higher and higher, and the material of stainless steel screws is getting higher and higher. Therefore, many ordinary stainless steel screws SUS201 are replaced by stainless steel SUS304 screws and stainless steel screws SUS316. Of course, if some requirements are not so high, general customers will choose stainless steel screws SUS201, which are relatively cheap in cost.

China is the world's largest producer of carbon steel fasteners such as screws, nuts and bolts, and the EU is a major market for these products. In January 2009, the EU decided to impose anti-dumping duties of 26.5% to 85% on Chinese carbon steel fastener products. On July 31 of the same year, China resorted to the relevant EU legislation and anti-dumping measures to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. The case became China's first lawsuit against the EU at the WTO. On July 15, 2011, the WTO Appellate Body issued a report and finally ruled that China won the case in the trade dispute with the European Union on fasteners. The head of the Department of Treaty and Law of the Ministry of Commerce of China welcomed the ruling on the 16th, and said that China's victory in the case is of great significance, which will help improve the competitive environment for Chinese companies in the international market including the European Union, and will also strengthen the WTO members' interest in the case. Confidence in WTO rules and the multilateral trading system. This is not only a victory for China's industry, but also a victory for WTO rules, the official said. The WTO Appellate Body found in its ruling report issued on the 15th that Article 9(5) of the EU's Basic Anti-dumping Regulations on individual tax rates violated WTO rules; at the same time, the Appellate Body overturned some of the panel's rulings and supported China's position , ruled that the EU's anti-dumping measures against Chinese screws, nuts, bolts and other carbon steel fasteners also violated WTO rules in terms of domestic industry identification, normal value and fair comparison of export prices. The head of the Treaty and Law Department of the Ministry of Commerce of China said that the EU is one of the WTO members that has initiated the most anti-dumping investigations against Chinese products in the world. unfair treatment. He said that China hopes that the EU will cancel the legislation and discriminatory anti-dumping measures that are inconsistent with WTO rules as soon as possible, treat Chinese export enterprises fairly, and effectively safeguard free trade and fair competition.

As we all know, screws and nuts are widely used in various mechanical equipment as connectors, so that the mechanical equipment can be easily disassembled, but for equipment whose internal structure needs to be kept secret, it generally does not need to be disassembled after assembly. The nut can be easily dismantled, leaving equipment that needs to be kept secret of the internal structure from being kept secret.

Locating pins are widely used in mechanical equipment and automated assembly lines. There are many types of locating pins, including fixed locating pins, replaceable locating pins, tapered locating pins, edged locating pins, standard diamond locating pins, spring locating pins, etc. The function is to limit the free movement of parts and objects. Users often choose different positioning pins according to the actual conditions of the parts, for example, according to the occasion of use, requirements and performance, etc., to reasonably choose positioning pins of different shapes and performances. At present, users usually use a combination of cylindrical pins and edge-cutting positioning pins as the positioning method for gripper positioning methods in automatic line accompanying tooling and automatic grasping.

screw locking device includes a mounting frame, a driving structure arranged on the mounting frame, a screwdriver and a measuring structure driven and moved by the driving structure; the measuring structure includes a solenoid valve cylinder, which is fixedly connected with a piston rod of the solenoid valve cylinder. The ejector rod, the pressure sensor for detecting the thrust of the solenoid valve cylinder, and the control panel electrically connected with the driving structure, the solenoid valve and the pressure sensor.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: non-slip locking screw caps, PVC hard polyvinyl fluoride nuts, carbon steel plated screws, flat head countersunk head bolts and other products, we can provide you with suitable products Your fastener solution.

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Production of copper teeth plum gum head

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