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Customized 8.8 grade iron blackened spring washer spring washer spring washer thickened opening spring washer

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: Fastening Nuts Fastening ...

flat washer, an annular groove is formed on the outer side of the upper surface of the flat washer, and a sealing ring is embedded in the annular groove, at least five circularly equidistantly arranged cylinders are fixed on the upper surface of the flat washer, and the The upper surface of the flat washer is provided with a circular hole that communicates with its bottom, a collar is arranged in the circular hole, an upper circular ring is fixed above the collar, a lower circular ring is fixed below the collar, and the upper circular The diameter of the ring is the same as the diameter of the lower ring, the diameter of the collar is smaller than the diameter of the upper ring, the diameter of the collar is consistent with the diameter of the circular hole, and there are at least three equally spaced holes in the middle of the outer wall of the flat washer. A circular groove, the outer wall of the flat washer is fixed with at least three reinforcing blocks staggered with the circular groove, and the reinforcing blocks and the flat washer are welded into one piece.

T-bolt with a spring, used for undercutting the opening of the outer closed cavity, including a head and a rod part connected in one piece, and also including a strip spacer, a spring and a pull rod, and the length of the strip spacer is greater than The opening, the connecting part of the head and the rod part are set as polygonal anti-rotation blocks, and the strip-shaped spacer is provided with anti-rotation holes for inserting the anti-rotation blocks, and the shape and size of the anti-rotation holes are the same as The size of the anti-rotation hole is smaller than that of the head; the spring is threadedly matched with the rod part, and is fixedly connected with the pull rod, and the pull rod moves away from the rod part along the axial direction of the rod part One side of the head extends. The utility model can be easily and reliably buckled in the opening of the airtight cavity, thereby facilitating the installation and connection of external parts.

A screw can be equipped with only one spring washer or only one flat washer, or it can also only be equipped with a two-piece combination of flower teeth. The national standard number of the combination screw is represented by GB9074. The commonly used cross recessed small pan head three combination screw national standard is GB9074.8. This .8 refers to the small pan head. That is, the size of the head of the pan head screw that is often said. Denoted by letters as PM. Professional combination screw manufacturers, the habitual expression method is three-in-one PM. The commonly used cross recessed large pan head combination screw national standard is GB9074.4. Professionally called large pan head combination screws. Or R head, or B head. That is to say, the head of this combination screw is larger and thicker than the head of the small pan head combination screw. There is also a commonly used external hexagon combination screw, which is a cross external hexagon combination screw. It is often called a socket hexagon combination screw. The national label is GB9074.13.

In the existing joint replacement, self-tapping screws are mostly used, and their triangular thread structure has a certain self-locking ability. After a long period of service, it is prone to loosening. The surrounding bone may not be tight enough after implantation, resulting in a sharp decline in its self-locking ability, and there may be a risk of regression, causing certain damage to the human body.

The technical scheme adopted by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is: a pin pressure riveting structure, including a pin, a cavity and a pressure riveting fixture, the pin is a columnar structure, an annular groove is arranged on the surface of the pin, and the cavity is The body is provided with a light hole, the depth of the light hole is greater than the height of the annular groove relative to the bottom of the pin, the lower end of the pin is inserted into the light hole, the pressure riveting fixture includes a pressure riveting part and a pressure-bearing part located on the top of the pressure riveting part, so The riveting part and the pressure-bearing part are provided with coaxial and penetrating connecting holes, and the upper ends of the pins are sleeved in the connecting holes.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: stereotyped chemical anchor bolts, external hexagon wood screws, 304 flange cross hexagon screws, extended decoration pull-out screws and other products, we can provide you Provide the right fastener solution for you.

Iron Blackened Bullet Pad

Customized Level 8.8

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