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Customized 304 stainless steel outer hexagonal screw lengthened outer hexagonal bolt hexagonal screw 3/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: rubber sleeve shock absor...

As we all know, whether it is the necessities in people's life or the equipment in industrial production, there will be a structure of screws and screw holes on it. This kind of structure that can simply fix some components together has been widely used in various fields. For the installation and removal of screws, people invented manual screwdrivers, and then to electric screwdrivers and so on. For manual screwdrivers, the operator needs to manually install or remove the screws. When encountering small screws, it can still handle it. When encountering large screws, due to people's limited strength, they may not install the screws in place, so it was invented. Electric screw. When installing the screw, which is widely used in the market, the operator needs to hold the screw handle, fix the screw on the screw port, and then align the screw with the corresponding screw hole for screwing. The disadvantage of this kind of screw is that it is heavy in quality and laborious to operate, and secondly, the operator will be injured due to operating errors, and the consequences are extremely serious. In view of this deficiency, people fix the screws on a work frame, so that before installing the screws, the operator only needs to adjust the screws to the designated position, and then the screws can be installed, which is convenient and simple. However, there are still potential safety hazards. In the process of adjusting the screw, it is still possible that the power of the screw may be turned on by mistake due to operating errors, resulting in injury to the operator. In view of the above-mentioned defects, it is necessary to invent a screw installation method with an anti-missing function.

The independent pocket spring pad includes a large number of independent pocket springs, and these independent pocket springs are regularly arranged in rows and columns to form a spring pad. Wherein, each row of pocket spring rows is laterally bonded to the adjacent row of pocket spring rows.

At present, the locking washer is widely used in the upper wheel side locking of passenger cars. During assembly, the locking washer is bent perpendicular to the thread of the axle pipe, so as to prevent the protrusion from passing through the gap between the two tooth profiles of the thread and ensure the locking The stop gasket is always in the groove of the shaft tube and cannot be rotated to achieve the purpose of locking. This method is relatively simple and is currently used more;

The grooved embedded parts are pre-embedded in concrete, and then placed in the groove with T-bolts. After adjusting the fixed position, the fixed object is locked with a nut to achieve the fixing effect. When the grooved embedded parts are embedded vertically in the concrete or at a certain angle to the horizontal line, the T-bolts are likely to move in position before they are tightened. In particular, when fixing heavy equipment, multiple T-bolts are required, and multiple groups of workers are required to help and positioning is difficult, and the installation process is complicated.

Shaft retaining ring (hereinafter referred to as retaining ring) is a very common part and is widely used in shaft parts. The existing solution for pressing the retaining ring is: place the retaining ring sleeve in the chamfering section or the guiding section of the shaft head, and then use an indenter whose inner hole diameter is larger than the diameter of the shaft head to press the retaining ring into the groove, and then press the retaining ring into the groove through the shaft head. The retaining ring is combined with the slot to prevent the indenter from continuing to move downward.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: rivet studs, DIN913 headless machine bolts, external tooth non-slip washers, self-locking washers and other products, we can provide you with Provide the right fastener solution for you.

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