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Machining shaft retaining ring stainless steel open retaining ring C-type bearing retaining ring retaining ring open retaining ring 3/4

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: elastic pin cylindric...

Flat washers are generally used in connectors, one of which is soft and the other is hard and brittle. Its main function is to increase the contact area, disperse the pressure, and prevent the soft texture from being crushed. The basic function of the spring of the spring washer is to give a force to the nut after the nut is tightened to increase the friction between the nut and the bolt! The material is 65Mn (spring steel), the heat treatment hardness is HRC44~51HRC, and the surface is oxidized.

Building aluminum alloy formwork is a new type of building formwork, which conforms to the four sections and one environmental protection policy. It is economical, fast, high-quality and environmentally friendly. Its application is of great significance to building energy conservation and environmental protection. The aluminum template is filled with aluminum template pins. However, the pins in the prior art have low connection strength during use, which is likely to cause the hole to be repaired weakly.

In order to achieve the above purpose, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. discloses a tamper-proof nut, which includes an upper part, a lower part, and an inner threaded hole penetrating the upper part and the lower part. The cross section of the inner threaded hole is circular, so the The lower part is an equilateral triangle cylinder, and the apex of the equilateral triangle cylinder has an arc structure, and the arc structure includes a left arc part and a right arc part with the angle bisector as the center of symmetry, and the lower part has an arc structure. A tamper-proof portion protruding from the lower surface is formed, and the tamper-proof portion is arranged at the left arc portion or the right arc portion.

screw is a tool that uses the physical and mathematical principles of the circular rotation and friction of an object to fasten the parts of the object step by step. Since the parts to be fixed are different, different types of screws are required for different applications. Press screw is a new type of fastener applied to thin plate or sheet metal. The principle is to press the embossed teeth into the preset holes of the sheet metal. The diameter of the general preset holes is slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the pressure riveting screw. The periphery of the hole is plastically deformed, and the deformed object is squeezed into the guide groove, thereby producing a locking effect. However, the existing pressing screws are easy to loosen due to long use time or frequent vibrations, which is prone to certain hidden dangers.

In order to prevent the waste of materials, those skilled in the art select steel wire as the processing material, and form an annular ring body by drawing the steel wire. Such as the announcement: CN103522009's invention name is a method of processing a retaining ring. The steel wire is used as the processing material, and the processing is carried out by drawing. After the steel wire is drawn and formed, annealing is performed. After the annealing is completed, the forming needs to bundle the steel wire. Since the cross section of the steel wire is rectangular, when it is drawn into the retaining ring base, the cross section changes due to the extrusion of the material, and the inner ring of the retaining ring base will be higher than the outer ring (forming a slope). The deformation is large. At this time, the punching of the opening of the retaining ring base body will produce a slump or cause greater material deformation; therefore, the retaining ring base body needs to be bundled. The bundling process is to prevent the material from being heated more during the quenching process. At the same time, it also has a certain adjustment effect during the quenching process, which makes the inclined surface smaller; but after the quenching is completed, the hardness of the retaining ring base increases, and the punching process for the upper opening will become more complicated.

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