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Production of cylindrical head socket head cap screws Nickel-plated furniture bolts Machinery fitness equipment accessories

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: A-grade small washers, he...

In real life, rivet nuts are used. With different specifications and different uses, many people are familiar with this tool but don't know how to use it properly. In fact, rivet nut tools have manual and transmission, and now are rarely used for manual. If you choose to use electric rivet nuts in order to improve production efficiency, which of the two is more widely used? The following describes the use of electric rivet nuts and manual nuts. How to use the manual rivet nut tool: Insert the rivet nut into the drilled installation hole with a rivet mother tool to fix the rivet nut. (1) Screw the rivet nut onto the rivet nut tool 2) Use the rivet nut tool to insert the rivet nut into the drilled mounting hole. (3) Tighten the nut, and press the handles on both sides of the rivet nut tool to the direction of the middle round rod. You can only press it hard. Therefore, this pressure must be in place. It is forbidden to repeatedly squeeze the handles on both sides to damage the nut. Fastening thread in the form of inside. (4) The rivet nut tool is separated from the rivet nut: just loosen the ball head in the picture, and the tool will be separated from the nut after completely loosening.

When the mechanical components are installed on the concrete foundation, the J-shaped and L-shaped ends of the bolts are embedded in the concrete for use. The tensile capacity of the anchor bolt is the tensile capacity of the round steel itself. The size is equal to the cross-sectional area multiplied by the allowable stress value (Q235B: 140MPa, 16Mn or Q345: 170MPA), which is the allowable tensile capacity at the time of design. The anchor bolts are generally made of Q235 steel, which is smooth and round. Rebar (Q345) is strong, and the thread of the nut is not as easy to be round. For light round anchor bolts, the burial depth is generally 25 times its diameter, and then a 90-degree hook with a length of about 120mm is made. If the bolt diameter is large (such as 45mm) and the buried depth is too deep, a square plate can be welded at the end of the bolt, that is, a large head can be made (but there are certain requirements). The burial depth and hook are all to ensure the friction between the bolt and the foundation, so as not to cause the bolt to be pulled out and damaged.

rivet nut is a tool for riveting nuts, which can be used for riveting the nut to a sheet and has a wide range of uses. Most of the existing rivet nuts have a double-handled structure, which is complicated in structure and high in cost; and the double-handled structure generally requires both hands to operate due to the large distance between the two handles, which is inconvenient to operate. Technical realization elements: In order to solve the above technical problems, Yueluo provides a rivet nut with simple structure, low cost and convenient operation. The technical solution adopted by Yueluo is: including a fixed body, a sliding body, a guide sleeve, a nut, a hollow screw and a handle;

Nuts are very common fasteners. Generally, the torque cannot be limited when the nut is twisted. The degree of tightness of the nut is mostly judged by the worker's experience. In this way, when the nut is over-tightened, it will lead to the destruction of the thread pair, thereby shortening the fastener. The life of the nut may even cause the bolts to be pulled off in severe cases; and the nut is too loosely screwed, which will lead to the problem of insecure fixing.

Copper nuts, also known as embedded nuts and inlaid copper nuts or plastic embedded nuts, are divided into hot-melt copper nuts, hot-pressed copper nuts, embedded copper nuts and ultrasonic copper nuts according to different methods of use. This product is widely used in mobile phones. Shell / Pen meter shell / injection part / insert of plastic part, used as an internal thread. Generally embossed on the outer circle. To prevent sliding. Stainless Steel Nuts Hexagon Nuts (GB6170/DIN934), Thin Nuts (GB6172/DIN439), Heavy Nuts (Metric, US), Nylon Lock Nuts (DIN985-DIN982 Thick), All Metal Lock Nuts (DIN980M), Cap Nuts (DIN1587), Flange Nuts (GB6177/DIN6923), Flange Nuts Nylon Lock Nuts (DIN6926), Square Weld Nuts (DIN928), Hex Weld Nuts (DIN929), Butterfly Caps (GB62, DIN315, American), K cap, etc. Specifications: M1.6-M64

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: 316 anti-skid nuts, breaker nuts, internal thread nuts, carbon steel 4.8 grade bolts and other products, we can provide you with suitable products for you Fastener Solutions.

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