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Custom-made semi-circle head socket head cap screws ultra-short tooth pattern bolts table and chair accessories 3/4 5/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: nameplate trademark solid...

Commonly used screw materials in my country are No. 45 steel, 40Cr, ammoniated steel, 38CrMOAl, superalloy, etc. 1) No. 45 steel is cheap and has good processing performance, but poor wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Heat treatment: quenched and tempered HB220-270, high-frequency quenched HRC45--48. 2) The performance of 40Cr is better than that of No. 45 steel, but it is often plated with a layer of chromium to improve its corrosion resistance and wear resistance. However, the requirements for the chrome plating layer are relatively high. If the plating layer is too thin, it is easy to wear, and if it is too thick, it is easy to peel off. After peeling off, it will accelerate the corrosion, and it has been rarely used. Heat treatment: quenched and tempered HB220—270, hard chrome plated HRC>553) nitrided steel, 38CrMoAl have excellent comprehensive properties and are widely used. Generally, the nitride layer reaches 0.4-0.6 mm. However, this material has low resistance to hydrogen chloride corrosion and is relatively expensive. 4) The superalloy material is superior to other materials. This material does not need coating, and is mainly used for the raw halogen-free screw of injection molding machine. The material has high oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance.

Please refer to FIG. 1 , which is a cross-sectional view of a conventional screw and screw washer for locking two metal parts. The screw 100 is combined with the screw washer 110 to lock the metal parts 120 and 130 . The screw washer 110 includes a washer portion 112 and a body washer portion 114 . The washer portion 112 is used for electrically isolating the screw head 102 from the metal piece 120 , and the screw body washer portion 114 is used for electrically isolating the screw body 104 and the metal piece 120 . Therefore, through the design of the screw washer 110 , the screw 100 can be isolated from conducting the metal parts 120 and 130 .

The height of the existing assembly devices is fixed, and the height of the workers is different, so it is very inconvenient to use, resulting in a decrease in efficiency. With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, people have proposed higher assembly devices. Therefore, we propose a shaft card assembly device to solve the above problems.

Material broadcast Cross recessed screws are made of iron and stainless steel. Iron cross recessed screws are also called carbon steel screws. Stainless steel cross recessed screws include stainless steel SUS201 and stainless steel SUS304, and stainless steel SUS316 cross recessed screws.

A screw suitable for a variety of tools is a single-structure threaded part, including a screw body and a screw head. The outer surface of the screw body is processed with an external thread 1, and the outer side of the screw head is formed by six screw heads. Prismatic, the top surface of each edge of the outer hexagonal prism is a boss, between each boss is an end face groove 4, and the middle of each boss is provided with an end face hole 3; the inner side of the screw head is formed by six screw heads. The side surface 5 forms an inner hexagonal prism hole, and the bottom of the inner hexagonal prism hole is processed with a cross groove 10 .

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: dome nuts, pattern saddle washers, hexagon socket head bolts, corrugated elastic washers and other products, we can provide you with The right fastener solution for you.

Ultra-short thread bolts

Customized half round head socket head cap screws

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