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Processing lighter rivet accessories copper nickel-plated standard parts 5/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: GB37 screws, blackened he...

Fasteners are also divided into different types according to different uses, and new types of fasteners are developed according to the needs of special environments to meet the needs of all walks of life. The gasket combination bolt is a common fastening bolt. The combination gasket protects the surface of the connected parts from scratches, disperses the pressure on the connected parts, and has a sealing and anti-loosening effect. It is widely used. With the continuous improvement of requirements, the new zinc-aluminum coating surface treatment has gradually become the mainstream surface treatment process because it meets the environmental protection requirements, the surface is beautiful, and the corrosion resistance strength is higher than that of the zinc-nickel surface treatment.

Spring washers are widely used in the load-bearing and non-load-bearing structures of general mechanical products. They are characterized by low cost and easy installation. They are suitable for parts with frequent assembly and disassembly. Quick and easy automatic selection of washers is included, but the anti-loosening ability of spring washers is very low! Especially in European and American countries that require high reliability, the adoption rate is extremely low, especially the important load-bearing structural connection parts have long been abandoned. Our country still has some applications in the military industry, but it has been improved to stainless steel. Steel spring washers have long been banned in CASC! It is also said to be very unsafe, because there are two reasons: 1 is circle rise and 2 is hydrogen embrittlement.

At present, with the development of my country's railway industry, many railway fastener systems involve T-bolts. The structure is shown in Figure 1. The dimensions that need to be inspected are head width A, head length B, and head straight table height. C. The height of the head slope D, the total length of the bolt E, and the major diameter of the bolt F. Due to the irregular shape of these places to be inspected, the measurement is difficult. The measurement of general measuring tools is not only slow, but also difficult to control human errors, resulting in some extreme upper limits and There are disputes and misjudgments about the size of the extreme lower limit when judging qualified and unqualified.

The locking effect of the spring washer is general, and the important parts are used as little or not as possible, and the self-locking structure is adopted. For spring washers used for high-speed tightening (pneumatic or electric), it is best to use surface phosphating washers to improve their anti-wear performance, otherwise it is easy to burn out or open mouth due to friction and heat, and even damage the surface of the connected parts. For thin plate joints, spring washer construction should not be used. According to statistics, spring washers are used less and less in automobiles.

The self-tapping locking screw is composed of three parts: the head, the stem and the end of the stem from beginning to end. The composition of each self-tapping screw has four major elements: head shape, wrenching method, thread type, and end type. Head Shapes - Head shapes come in all shapes and sizes. There are round head (semi-round head), oblate head, round head flange (with pad), oblate head flange (with pad), pan head, pan head flange (with pad), countersunk head, semi-countersunk head, Cylinder head, spherical cylinder head, horn head, hexagonal head, hexagonal flange head, hexagonal flange (with gasket), etc. Wrench Styles - There are various ways of wrenching. External wrench: hexagonal, hexagonal flange, hexagonal flange, hexagonal flower shape, etc.; internal wrench: slotted, cross groove H type (Phillips), cross groove Z type (Pozidriv), cross groove F type (Frearson) , Square groove (Scrulox), compound groove, internal spline, internal hexagon flower (plum groove), internal triangle, internal hexagon, internal 12-angle, clutch groove, six-blade groove, high torque cross groove and so on. Thread Types - There are many types of threads. There are self-tapping threads (wide thread), machine threads, drywall screw threads, fiberboard screw threads, and some other special threads. In addition, the thread can be divided into single lead (single head), double lead (double head), multi-lead (multiple head) and high and low thread double head thread. End type - The end type mainly includes saw end and flat end. However, according to the function of use, grooves, grooves, incisions or parts with a cutting function can be processed. In some standards, the same saw end or flat end, there are different forms. There are various changes in the head shape, wrenching method, thread type and shank end type of self-tapping screws. They can be combined with each other to show many different products belonging to the category of self-tapping screws.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: DIN571 bolts, four-piece gecko bolts, six-star bolts, accessories screws and other products, we can provide you with suitable fastener solutions for you .


Processing lighter rivets

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