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Supply lighter accessories fasteners copper nickel-plated to connect pieces 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: 10.9 blackened screws...

In order to overcome the technical problem that the screws and nuts cannot be disassembled and assembled at the same time in the prior art, Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. provides a simple structure and can be quickly disassembled and assembled at the same time in a small space. screw and nut removal tool.

In the existing life, repair parts are often used to repair the cassettes with damaged screw holes, and the screw holes on the repair parts are used instead of the original damaged cassette screw holes. However, in the prior art (application number: 201520948368.1), the restoration is fixed by rotating the support of the restoration, which is often inconvenient due to the small space of the cassette. In addition, the set screw in the prior art mainly fastens the object through the end of the screw without threaded holes, which makes it difficult to install external screws. Based on this, a method of extruding the support through a set screw with screw installation holes and tightening the repair piece, and then installing the screw on the set screw, will facilitate the quick installation and use of the repair piece.

Common types of common screws All kinds of common screws (20 pieces) a. Slotted: a word ( Minus ) b. Phillips: cross ( Plus ) c. Phil-Slot: a word / cross d. Hex Socket: hexagon socket e. One Way: One-way (can only be locked in, not out) A-4: Head Code/ head shape. a. Flat: Flat head (after locking, the top is flush with the work piece) b. Oval: salad head, O head, countersunk head screw unit of measure screw unit of measurec. Round: round headd. Pan: round flat heade. Truss: large round flat headf. Hex: hexagon head. A-5: Finish Code/Appearance treatment. Metric Self-tapping screw: Mark Tapping Type directly behind the product name. Ex: M3 x 6 –PPB, Tapping Type: M3 self-tapping screw, 6mm long, cross, round flat head, black plated. Generally, it is determined by product type or mark. For Sheet Metal or plastic parts. *Pitch = Threads per inch

The traditional gasket is a single-piece gasket that works independently. This gasket mainly relies on friction to achieve the anti-loosening effect. The new washer is composed of two pieces. Its unique embedded structure changes the way that the traditional washer mainly achieves anti-loosening through friction. Instead, it adopts the most advanced anti-loosening technology in the world and uses the tension between the two gaskets to achieve. The dual effect of anti-loosening and tightening.

Gears, mechanical components with teeth on the rim that can continuously mesh to transmit motion and power, are mechanical parts with teeth that can mesh with each other. The gears used in industry are generally made of steel. The commonly used steels are quenched and tempered steel, hardened steel, carburized and quenched steel and nitrided steel. The strength of cast steel is slightly lower than that of forged steel, and it is often used in Larger-sized gears; gray cast iron has poor mechanical properties and can be used in light-load open gear transmissions; ductile iron can partially replace steel gears; plastic gears are mostly used in places where light loads and low noise are required, and are matched with them The gears are generally made of steel gears with good thermal conductivity.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: hand-knocking aluminum rivets, bolts with flat washers, concave machine screws and bolts, DIN929 hexagon welding nuts and other products, we can provide you with The right fastener solution for you.


Supply lighter accessories

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