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Supply nickel-plated cross recessed large flat head screw umbrella head screw big head screw flat tail machine screw

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: high-strength pins, thick...

Nuts are parts that tightly connect mechanical equipment. Through the inner thread, nuts and bolts of the same specification can be connected together. At present, most nuts are used together with gaskets when they are locked, or are set as an integrated structure, which has the advantage of increasing Friction, strengthen the effect of tightening, but the square nut is usually used directly without adding a gasket, and the upper and lower end faces are flat, very smooth, when subjected to strong vibration, it is very easy to loosen, and the tightening effect is not good.

In the process of mechanical assembly, we often use pins to connect two parts, and the positioning pins are usually sunk into the pin installation holes on the mechanical parts. During the assembly process or after the assembly is completed, we often need to pull out the pins to assemble, revise or repair the parts. The existing method of pulling out the positioning pins is generally to use tools such as pliers, hand hammers, and blades to pull out the positioning pins, but This method is easy to damage the pin holes and pins, which will directly lead to the scrapping of the original parts. The positioning pin can be pulled out by pulling the pull rod, but in order to ensure the assembly accuracy between the parts, the matching between the positioning pin and the pin hole on the part is tight and the number of pins is large, so this method is inconvenient to operate. And time consuming.

In the repair process of the EDITION 700 gearbox, it is often necessary to replace the piston seal. When replacing the direct gear piston seal, the shaft spring retaining ring on it must be removed before the piston can be taken out for replacement. For the seal, since the piston return spring 3 presses the retaining ring 5 through the spring seat 4 (as shown in Figure 3), it cannot be taken out directly. It is necessary to press down the spring seat before taking out the retaining ring. Without special tools, it is not easy to remove the retaining ring. At present, it is a time-consuming, labor-intensive and unsafe job that requires multiple people to use a screwdriver and a prying board to forcefully squeeze and pry to remove the retaining ring.

screw assembly jig comprises a base, a cylinder and a cylinder which are vertically arranged on the base and are arranged opposite to each other, and a sliding plate that can move up and down along the cylinder and the cylinder, the area above the sliding plate is provided with a cylinder, and the four corners pass through the cylinder respectively. Four pneumatic screwdrivers are placed and fixed on the sliding plate, the area of the base is further provided with a fixing plate corresponding to the four pneumatic screwdrivers; one end of the base is also provided with a switch. Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. can quickly drive multiple screws into the product at the same time, which has the characteristics of high production efficiency and high yield rate.

Specification label broadcast representation format: Thread specification d=M12, nominal length L=80mm, and performance level 4.8 equal-length stud bolts are completely marked as: GB 901 M12×80 [1] Product example: Stud studs are generally required After surface treatment, there are many types of bolt surface treatment, commonly used are electroplating, blackening, oxidation, phosphating, electroless zinc flake coating treatment, etc. However, electroplated fasteners account for a large proportion of the actual use of fasteners. Especially in automobiles, tractors, home appliances, instrumentation, aerospace, communications and other industries and fields are more widely used. However, for threaded fasteners, not only a certain anti-corrosion capability is required in use, but also the interchangeability of threads must be ensured, which can also be called screwability here. In order to meet the dual-use performance of anti-corrosion and interchangeability required by threaded fasteners in use, it is very necessary to formulate special plating standards.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, and flat washers. Firmware Solutions.

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