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Customized semi-circular head hex socket head screw nut combination screw boxed pan head socket head socket bolt

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: blackened full-tooth scre...

The rod end of the ceramic production equipment is installed with the rod shaft, and then fixed by the cylindrical pin. At present, it is purely manual installation. It is impossible to ensure that the cylindrical pin is kept horizontal during the installation process, and the installation pressure of the cylindrical pin cannot be sensed. The pressure is too large. Cracks in the rollers, too low pressure, and easy loosening of the metal cap; it is impossible to install three or more cylindrical pins at the same time, and it is difficult to align the cylindrical pins with the pin holes of the cylindrical pins, resulting in low efficiency.

flat washer is also called a flat washer. It is mainly stamped out of an iron plate. The shape is generally a flat washer with a hole in the middle. The size of this hole is generally determined according to customer requirements. There are 9 standards for flat washers in my country. From 2000 to 2002, GB/T97.3-2000, GB/T5286-2001, GB/T95-2002, GB/T96.1-2002, GB/T96.2 were approved and released respectively. -2002, GB/T97.1-2002, GB/T97.2-2002, GB/T97.4-2002 and GB/T5287-2002 Standard for flat washers. According to the performance grade of the flat washer, the author recommends the use of materials: ST12, ST13, Q235, Q215, Q195, etc. can be selected for the 100HV grade, and the surface hardness can reach about 110HV; 08F, 08Al, 10, 10F, etc. can be selected for the 140HV grade etc., the surface hardness can reach about 140HV; for 200HV and 300HV grades, 45, 50, 60, 70 or 65Mn steel should be selected, which can be quenched and tempered by heat treatment to meet the technical requirements of 200~300HV and 300~400HV. Because according to the standard, flat washers of 100HV and 140HV grades can be manufactured from mild steel. Most enterprises use Baosteel materials when selecting materials, which is convenient for cold stamping. The following is a brief description of Baosteel's standards. Compared with the BZJ407-1999 standard, there are major changes in Continuous Cold Rolled Low-Carbon Steel Plates and Strips and the enterprise standard: (1) The grades have been revised and integrated, and the grades have been changed from 8 commonly used to 5. St12 is changed to DC01; ST13 is changed to DC03; St14, St15 is changed to DC04; BSC2 is changed to DC05; St16, St14-T, BSC3 is changed to DC06. (2) The surface quality level is changed from two to three: the higher-level finishing surface (FB), the surface is allowed to have a small amount of defects that do not affect the formability and coating and plating adhesion, such as slight scratches, indentations, Pock, roll printing and oxidation color, etc. Premium Finished Surface (FC) products have no visible defects on the better of the two sides and must meet at least FB requirements on the other side. The super-advanced finishing (FD) product must not have any defects on the better side of the two sides, that is, it cannot affect the appearance quality after painting or the appearance quality after electroplating, and the other side must at least meet the requirements of FB. (3) The surface structure is modified from four to two, and the control value of surface roughness is increased. The average roughness Ra when the surface structure is pitted (D) is 0.6 μm. (4) The provisions on Si and residual elements in the chemical composition of the five grades have been cancelled, and the contents of elements such as C, S, and Alt have been revised.

The purpose of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a low-carbon steel rivet nut fastener, which can be easily fixed on a thin wall without welding, easy to operate, firm riveted, and suitable for single-sided riveting.

When the countersunk head screws and hexagon socket head bolts are produced by the cold heading process, the original structure of the steel will directly affect the forming ability of the cold heading process. In the process of cold heading, the plastic deformation of the local area can reach 60%-80%, so the steel must have good plasticity. When the chemical composition of the steel is constant, the metallographic structure is the key factor to determine the plasticity. It is generally believed that the coarse flaky pearlite is not conducive to cold heading forming, while the fine spherical pearlite can significantly improve the plastic deformation ability of the steel. For medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy steel with a large amount of high-strength bolts, spheroidizing (softening) annealing is performed before cold heading, so as to obtain uniform and fine spheroidized pearlite to better meet the actual production needs. For the softening annealing of medium carbon steel wire rods, the heating temperature should be kept above and below the critical point of the steel, and the heating temperature should not be too high, otherwise tertiary cementite will precipitate along the grain boundary, resulting in cold heading cracking. The wire rod of medium carbon alloy steel is annealed by isothermal spheroidization. After heating at AC1+ (20-30%), the furnace is cooled to slightly lower than Ar1, the temperature is about 700 degrees Celsius for an isothermal period, and then the furnace is cooled to about 500 degrees Celsius and air-cooled. The metallographic structure of the steel changes from coarse to fine, from flake to spherical, and the cracking rate of cold heading will be greatly reduced. The general area of softening annealing temperature for 35\45\ML35\SWRCH35K steel is 715-735 degrees Celsius; while the general heating temperature for spheroidizing annealing of SCM435\40Cr\SCR435 steel is 740-770 degrees Celsius, and the isothermal temperature is 680-700 degrees Celsius.

The purpose of Yueluo is to provide a stamping process for screws. Before stamping, a sticky protective layer is coated on the pressure surface of the screw blank. The sticky protective layer can play a buffering role during stamping and prevent the screw head from being damaged. In order to achieve the above purpose, the technical solution of Yueluo is to design a screw stamping process, which uses a stamping die to stamp the screw blank and punch out the screw head; and before stamping, the pressure surface of the screw blank is coated with adhesive protection. layer.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: authentic 304 stainless steel pins, security monitoring, internal expansion bolts, chassis motherboard circuit board stud nuts and other products, we can provide you with suitable screws for you. Firmware Solutions.


Customized half round head socket head cap screws

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