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Wholesale 316 stainless steel cross countersunk head self-tapping screw GB846 flat head screw wood tooth screw 3/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: countersunk head cross st...

Equipment that needs to be maintained at high altitude or under complex working conditions requires screw loss prevention design. Although traditional captive screws can achieve the purpose of preventing falling off, because the diameter of the screw is smaller than the major diameter of the thread, it is difficult to match the gasket, and the gasket will be eccentric, which is easy to install. Scratch the surface of the product, affecting the corrosion resistance and appearance of the product.

lead screw nut is provided with a through hole in the center for the screw rod to pass through, the surface of the through hole is provided with a screw thread engaged with the thread on the outer surface of the screw rod, and the surface of the through hole of the lead screw nut is provided with a thread along the surface of the through hole. The oil storage groove in the axial direction, the depth of the oil storage groove is greater than the depth of the thread.

Therefore, there is a need to design a bearing retaining ring disassembly and installation device that facilitates the installation and disassembly of the bearing retaining ring, and is safe and reliable.

screw with a gasket includes a screw head and a screw connection part connected with the screw head, the screw connection part is provided with a thread, and a transition part is provided between the screw head and the thread provided on the screw connection part , the diameter of the transition part is smaller than the diameter of the thread, the transition part is sleeved with a plastic washer, the inner ring of the plastic washer is a polygon, and the diameter of the inscribed circle of the inner ring of the plastic washer is smaller than the diameter of the thread. The utility model replaces the traditional metal washer with a plastic washer, which avoids the phenomenon that the washer causes wear on the connection base. The inner hole of the plastic washer adopts a polygonal design, and the diameter of the inscribed circle of the inner ring of the plastic washer is smaller than the diameter of the thread, which is in the same shape as the thread. The multi-point contact solves the problem that the washer is easy to slip off due to the circular design of the inner hole of the traditional metal washer, and improves the assembly efficiency of the screw.

The t-bolt can be directly put into the groove of the aluminum profile. It can be automatically positioned and locked during the installation process. It is often used in conjunction with the flange nut. profiles to choose from. T-bolts are movable anchor bolts. The existing t-bolt is easy to rotate and swing in the slot during use, which brings some inconvenience to the use of the t-bolt.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: universal modified head nut, GB873 hollow core black aluminum dome head rivets, brass flat washers, screw joint nuts and other products, we can provide You have the right fastener solution for you.

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