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Customized 316 stainless steel self-tapping screw cross countersunk head screw extension screw flat head GB846

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: Yu Dangjia 304 stainl...

Rivets are usually used for riveting the connection between objects, and usually require the use of specific special tools to operate. There are many types of rivets, such as round head rivets, flat cone head rivets, countersunk head rivets, half countersunk head rivets, flat head rivets, hollow rivets, tubular rivets, sign rivets, etc. in order to meet different operational needs.

At present, the commonly used fastener loosening prevention methods generally include non-removable anti-loosening solutions and friction-increasing anti-loosening solutions. The non-removable anti-loosening scheme uses welding, bonding or punch point riveting to change the detachable threaded connection into a non-detachable threaded connection. In the non-removable anti-loosening scheme, the threaded fasteners cannot be reused and the operation is troublesome. It is often used in some important occasions that require high anti-loosening performance without disassembly. The anti-loosening scheme that increases the frictional force uses the method of increasing the frictional force of the bolt (screw) head and the end face of the nut to achieve the purpose of anti-loosening. The anti-loosening solution that increases friction is not limited by space and can be disassembled repeatedly, but the reliability is poor. After a certain period of work, the anti-loosening effect will be reduced due to vibration and other reasons.

In view of the deficiencies in the prior art, the purpose of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a detachable rivet to solve the problems raised in the above-mentioned background technology. Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is easy to use, easy to operate, and has good stability. , high reliability.

In CN203807560, nails and bolts are used to connect the plates, but the heads of the nails and the bolts are enlarged ends that are wider than the rods, and the heads of the nails and the bolts cannot penetrate into the interior of the door body, so in terms of appearance, the more More nails and bolts will leave more spots on the surface of the door that are not suitable for the door itself. In the prior art, the treatment method for these spots is generally to paint with paint, which can only make the door panel consistent with the head of the nail and the bolt in color, but cannot change the shape of the head of the nail and the bolt, and the appearance is still good. Obvious spots were noticed, which made the door panels connected by nails and bolts to the panels, which could not be used as door panels for household doors.

Generally speaking, the metal plate needs to open holes for inserting the rivets, and then press the two sides of the metal plate along the positive direction of the metal plate with a jig, so that the metal plate is deformed in the plane direction, which makes the inner edge of the hole Shrink and fit the rivet. Existing riveting techniques are not suitable for thin sheets. Because the thin plate does not have enough thickness to compress in its forward direction, the insufficient deformation in the forward direction causes enough deformation in the plane direction to insert the rivet, so the rivet cannot be firmly fixed to the thin plate.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: countersunk head nylon screws, hollow pins with smooth surface, semi-circle head round cup titanium bolts, A-grade surface galvanized screws and other products, we can provide you with The right fastener solution for you.

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