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Supply of electronic insulating plastic headless screw nylon one word set screw machine rice screw 3/4

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: Dongguan professional man...

The blind rivet is realized by pulling the core head. With the help of a force from the inside to the outside, under the action of the unidirectional pulling force, the pulling screw is pulled upwards, which causes the outer collar material to expand and deform, resulting in a sexual tightening force. , After the riveting is completed, the tension screw in the middle part breaks and falls out. Since a large pulling force is required to cause the rivet to expand and deform, the tensile screw is longer and accounts for about 60-80% of the total length of the rivet. At the same time, due to the limitation of the deformation mode, it is difficult for the blind rivet to be made into a hexagonal structure like a rivet nut, so the torsion resistance of its connection is low.

1. Precautions for the quality of high-strength bolts or screws and flat washers assemblies. The surface of the Phillips hexagon combination screw should be checked for burrs or scratches. There is no oil stains, or rust. To test the material of the combination screw, the strength of the grade used in different high strengths should be consistent with it. Second, the combination bolt and nut should be used together with the same grade as the nut, and the same grade should be used together. Third, when installing and using combined bolts, it should be in reasonable weather conditions and should not be operated in the rain. Fourth, when installing, it is forbidden to use excessive force and excessive force. Lead to sliding teeth, or locking phenomenon.

shaft retaining ring installation tool and an installation method thereof relate to an assembly tool and an installation method thereof, comprising a pressing cylinder and a taper sleeve. The maximum diameter of the tapered end is slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the circular straight hole of the pressing cylinder, and the lower end of the tapered sleeve has a positioning structure matched with the shaft of the shaft retaining ring to be installed. The method includes the following: place the taper sleeve on one end of the shaft where the shaft retaining ring is to be installed and position it well, then place the shaft retaining ring on the tapered end of the taper sleeve, and finally press down the pressure cylinder to make the shaft Use the retaining ring to slide down the conical surface of the taper sleeve to the shaft to be installed with the retaining ring for the shaft, and finally get stuck in the groove of the shaft. Yueluo does not need to open the retaining ring for the shaft, which reduces the operation force and labor intensity. The operation method is simple, the structure is simple and reliable, the cost is low, and it is easy to popularize and use.

Align the four positioning holes 12-5 of the spring washer positioning plate 2 with the four positioning columns 4 of the screw tray 1, and place them on the screw tray 1. Several screws 5 are passed through the lower positioning plate 12-2 in turn. The spring washer hole 2-7, the opening slot 12-32 of the baffle plate 12-3, the inner ring of the spring washer 7 in the spring washer hole 2-7 of the upper positioning plate 12-1, hold the spring washer positioning plate 2 by hand The raised handle 12-31 of the baffle plate 12-3 pulls the baffle plate 12-3 out of the upper positioning plate 12-1 and the lower positioning plate 12-2, and several spring washers 7 pass through the holes on the lower positioning plate 12-2. The spring washer holes 2-7 fall down along the screw rod of screw 5, so that the screw rod of screw 5 penetrates into the spring washer 7, as shown in Figure 10, and then the spring washer positioning plate 2 is removed to complete the process of threading the spring washer.

Knurled copper nuts are mainly used for injection molding, hardware springs, special-shaped springs, craft gift springs, battery spring sheets, spring antennas, key rings, phosphor bronze spring CNC automatic lathe turning parts (copper car parts, iron car parts, aluminum car parts) , metal stamping parts, electronic hardware, iron shaft, single flower shaft, multi flower shaft, iron pin, non-standard screw and nut, connecting parts, fasteners, wire forming (metal wire business card holder, model aircraft landing gear, S hook , R-type latch, triangle buckle, D-type buckle) and other hardware products belong to the copper nut series.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: 8-level locking nylon self-locking nuts, annular expansion screws, locking anti-drop nuts, copper flat head rivets and other products, we can provide you with suitable products Your fastener solution.

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