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Customized ISO7380 round head hex socket head bolt pan head socket head socket head bolt mushroom head screw 3/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: nickel-plated nuts, t...

The utility model relates to a connecting piece, in particular to a female and female screw used for shaping products in interior decoration. In the current decoration project, when fixing the decoration stereotyped product, the process is complicated, so labor-intensive and time-consuming, the construction cost is high, and the construction degree is low. For example, the decorative board for fixing the wall, the main process step used in its operation is the leveling of the nail strip. That is to say, saw the wood to the required specifications, then draw horizontal and vertical lines on the wall, and then nail the wooden strips to the wall according to the horizontal and vertical lines, and then glue and glue the board. The first step is to install the lines, color and paint. It can be seen that it is quite troublesome to use the above method to construct. The purpose of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a female screw, which can skillfully connect decorative products to the wall. As conceived above, the technical solution of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is a female screw, which is characterized in that both ends of the screw are threaded, the screw-in end is screwed into the plastic expansion tube inserted into the wall, and the other end of the screw is threaded with the same A female piece is mated and connected. The other end of the screw can also be barb-shaped and directly fit with the decorative board. The screw thread of the screw-in end is a wood thread, and the thread of the mating connection end with the female part is a machine thread.

(1) Galvanized (blue-white, multicolored, black) 1. Pretreatment: thermal degreasing tank (5 tanks) - electrolytic degreasing tank (3 tanks) - rust removal tank (4 tanks) 2. Electroplating: electroplating tank (20 tank) (ammonium chloride, zinc oxide, gloss, softener solution). 3. Post-treatment: Melting tank (1 tank) - Green medicine tank (1 tank) - (blue-white/multicolored/black) (2), blackening: 1. Pre-treatment: thermal degreasing tank (4 tanks) - rust removal Tank (4 tanks) 2. Blackening: blackening (5 tanks) (flake alkali, sodium nitrite solution) 3. Post-treatment: anti-rust oil (1 tank) (3), phosphating: 1. Pre-treatment: heat Degreasing tank (1 tank) - Derusting tank (1 tank) - Electrolytic degreasing tank (1 tank), - Surface treatment (1 tank) 2. Phosphating: Phosphating (forming a film) 3. Post-treatment: dipping in anti-rust oil (2 tanks) (4) Hot dip galvanizing: 1. Pretreatment: degreasing tank (1 tank) - rust removal tank (1 tank) - FLUX tank (1 tank) - drying 2. Hot dip galvanizing: hot Zinc immersion tank 3. Post-processing: centrifugal treatment - ammonia chloride cooling - water cooling

The spring washer can prevent loosening and increase the pre-tightening force, while the flat washer does not have this function. It can be used to increase the tightening contact area, prevent the friction between the bolt and the workpiece, and protect the surface of the connector to prevent bolts. The surface of the workpiece is scratched when the nut is tightened. However, for some important connections, such as places that rely mainly on compression to generate frictional force to transmit power, spring pads cannot be used, and the rigidity of the connection is reduced, which is prone to accidents. Spring washers can be omitted. When the strength of the connected parts is low, use flat washers or flange bolts to increase the contact area. When there is vibration, pulse, and the temperature of the medium fluctuates greatly, spring washers must be used.

Gaskets are mechanical components used for cooperation between two objects, which play a role in preventing pressure, corrosion and leakage of pipes from natural thermal expansion and contraction between two objects. By using the gasket in conjunction with the bolt and nut, the gasket can increase the contact area between the bolt and nut and the metal parts, and play the role of buffering and shock absorption to prevent the thread from loosening.

The pull-out type positioning pin and the tie-suspended type positioning pin are in the form of a straight cylindrical shape. The pull-out locating pin is temporarily pulled out from the connected piece of the tooling, and it is in a loose state; the tail of the tie-suspended locating pin is connected with a tie such as iron wire or string to the connecting piece of the tooling. After the locating pin is pulled out, the tie Suspended on tooling. The main disadvantages of the two types of positioning pins are as follows: First, the suspension straps are easy to fall off after long-term wear, and the pull-out positioning pins of the same parts are not convenient for on-site storage and placement, and are usually placed on the nearby ground at will; All kinds of positioning pins are prone to position transfer, forgetting and losing, which affects the reset of the tooling and the subsequent manufacture and assembly of aircraft products.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: hexagonal copper column sets of gaskets, thickened plastic gaskets, bolts for grooves, locking nuts with teeth and other products, we can provide you with suitable products. Your fastener solution.

Round head socket head cap bolts

Custom ISO7380

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