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Wholesale 201 Stainless Steel Countersunk Head Cross Screw Flat Head Machine Screw 5/8 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: carbon steel nickel-p...

GB/T3103.3-2000 Fastener Tolerance Flat Washers 2 GB/T5286-2001 General Scheme of Flat Washers for Bolts, Screws and Nuts 3 GB/T9074.1-2002 Bolts or Screws and Flat Washers Assemblies 4 GB/T9074. 18-2002 Self-tapping screws and flat washers assemblies 5 GB/T 95-2002 Flat washers C grade 6 GB/T96.1-2002 Large washers A grade 7 GB/T96.2-2002 Large washers C grade 8 GB/T97. 1-2002 Flat washer Class A 9 GB/T97.2-2002 Flat washer chamfered Class A 10 GB/T97.4-2002 Flat washer for screw and washer assemblies 11 GB/T97.5-2002 Flat washer Self-tapping screws and washers assemblies 12 GB/T848-2002 Small washers Class A 13 GB/T5287-2002 Extra large washers Class C 14 GB/T4678.13-2003 Die-casting mold parts Part 13: Push plate washers 15 GB/T4605 -2003 Rolling bearing thrust needle roller and cage assemblies and thrust washers 16 GB/T97.3-2000 Flat washers for pins 17 GB/T18230.5-2000 Flat washers for bolted structures quenched and tempered 18 GB/T9074.5 -2004 Cross recessed small pan head screw and flat washer assembly 19 GB/T9074.20-2004 Cross recessed hexagon head tapping screw and flat washer assembly 20 GB/T3762-1983 Sharp angle sealing washer for ferrule type pipe joint 21 GB/T1231-2006 Specifications for high-strength large hexagon head bolts, large hexagon nuts and washers for steel structures 24 GB/T5649-2008 Lock nuts and washers for pipe joints and washers 27 GB/T10447-2008 Elements and tolerances of semicircular thrust washers for sliding bearings 28 GB/T94.1-2008 Specifications for elastic washers Spring washers 29 GB/T10446-2008 Dimensions and tolerances for full circle thrust washers for sliding bearings 30 GB/ T93-1987 standard spring washer 31 GB/T94.2-1987 elastic washer technical conditions toothed, serrated lock washer 32 GB/T98-1988 stop washer technical conditions 33 GB/T849-1988 spherical washer 34 GB/T850- 1988 Conical Washer 35 GB/T851-1988 Split Washer 36 GB/T852 -1988 Square bevel washer for I-beam 37 GB/T853-1988 Square bevel washer for channel steel 38 GB/T854-1988 Single-ear stop washer 39 GB/T7244-1987 Heavy-duty spring washer 40 GB/T855-1988 Double-ear stop Dynamic washer 41 GB/T7245-1987 Saddle spring washer 42 GB/T7246-1987 Wave spring washer 43 GB/T856-1988 Outer tongue stop washer 44 GB/T858-1988 Stop washer for round nut 45 GB/T859-1987 Light spring washer 46 GB/T860-1987 Saddle elastic washer 47 GB/T861.1-1987 Internal tooth lock washer 48 GB/T861.2-1987 Internal serrated lock washer 49 GB/T862.1-1987 External tooth lock 50 GB/T862.2-1987 External Serrated Lock Washers 51 GB/T955-1987 Wave Elastic Washers 52 GB/T27938-2011 Sliding Bearing Thrust Washers Failure Damage Terms, Appearance Features and Reasons 53 GB/T956.1- 1987 Conical lock washer 54 GB/T956.2-1987 Conical serrated lock washer 55 GB/T28697-2012 Rolling bearing self-aligning thrust ball bearing and self-aligning seat washer Dimensions 56 GB/T9074.2-1988 Cross groove disc Head screw and male serrated lock washer assembly 57 GB/T9074.3-1988 Cross recessed pan head screw and spring washer assembly 58 GB/T9074.4-1988 Cross recessed pan head screw, spring washer and flat washer assembly 59 GB /T9074.7-1988 Cross recessed small pan head screw and spring washer assembly 60 GB/T9074.8-1988 Cross recessed small pan head screw and spring washer and flat washer assembly 61 GB/T9074.9-1988 Cross recessed countersunk Head screw and conical lock washer assembly 62 GB/T9074.10-1988 Cross recessed countersunk head screw and conical lock washer assembly 63 GB/T9074.11-1988 Cross recessed hexagon head bolt and flat washer assembly Parts 64 GB/T9074.12-1988 Cross recessed hexagon head bolt and spring washer assembly 65 GB/T9074.13-1988 Cross recessed hexagon head bolt, spring washer and flat washer assembly 66 GB/T9074.15- 1988 Hexagon head bolt and spring washer assembly 67 GB/T9074.16-1988 Hexagon head bolt and serrated lock washer assembly 68 GB/T9074.17-1988 Hexagon head bolt, spring washer and flat washer assembly 69 GB/T9074 .26-1988 Spring Washers for Assemblies 70 GB/T9074.27-1988 External Serrated Lock Washers for Assemblies 71 GB/T9074.28-1988 Conical Lock Washers for Assemblies 72 GB/T1030-1988 Inner Spherical Washers[1]

The spring washer usually includes a washer body and a raised claw head punched and formed on the washer body. The spring washer is often placed between the bolt head of the bolt and the connected parts, wherein the raised claw head is connected to the part to be connected. The surfaces of the connecting parts are in contact, and the plane on the gasket body, opposite to the lifting direction of the raised claw head, is in contact with the bolt head. After the bolt head is tightened, the elastic reaction force generated by the raised claw head after flattening makes the The screwed threads are pressed tightly, and at the same time, the raised claw head is pressed against the bolt head and the supporting surface of the connected parts, which has the effect of preventing loosening. However, the traditional spring washer is a single-claw type. When tightening, the raised claw head will cause great damage to the surface of the connected parts, so it is not suitable for the anti-loosening treatment of parts with small surface hardness.

In terms of screw standard specification broadcast, there are two versions of the national standard, one is GB70-76, the 76 version, and the other is GB70-8585 version. Our company is now implementing the DIN912 standard, so it should be paid attention to in actual business operations. Difference: GB70-85 and DIN912 completely overlap, so there is no difference in the use of the new standard, mainly because there is a difference between GB70-76 and DIN912: M8 series hexagon products, GB70-76 round head diameter It is 12.5MM, which is smaller than 13.27MM of DIN912. For M10 series inner hexagon products, the round head diameter of GB70-76 is 15MM, which is smaller than 16.27 of DIN912. The inner hexagon of M12 series, the round head of GB70-76 The diameter is 18MM, which is smaller than the opposite side of DIN912, which is 18.27. In addition, the round head diameter of the inner hexagon GB70-76 of M16 and M20 series is 0.33MM smaller than that of DIN912, which are 24MM and 30MM respectively. DIN912 is 24.33MM and 30.33MM respectively. In addition, the width of the inner hexagon between the old standard and the German standard is different due to different standards. The inner side of GB70-76 is smaller, and it should be paid attention to in business operations. In addition, there are also some differences in the carriage screws that may be used at ordinary times. I will also make an explanation here. In the national standard, there are two standards for carriage screws, namely GB12 (small semicircular head square neck screw) and GB14 (large semicircular head square neck screw) Neck screws), and the German standard DIN603 is usually more commonly used in the market. Now to distinguish these three: for the round head and neck, when comparing the same specifications: GB12. Usually when the carriage screw is used, the head and neck are often required to be large and thick, so the standard of DIN603 carriage screw fully meets the requirements.

At present, most of the thread locking structures use an integral nut and a matching external thread screw structure. To remove the nut from the screw rod, it must be completely unscrewed along the screw rod, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is more inconvenient to install.

T-bolt with a spring, used for undercutting the opening of the outer closed cavity, including a head and a rod part connected in one piece, and also including a strip spacer, a spring and a pull rod, and the length of the strip spacer is greater than The opening, the connecting part of the head and the rod part are set as polygonal anti-rotation blocks, and the strip-shaped spacer is provided with anti-rotation holes for inserting the anti-rotation blocks, and the shape and size of the anti-rotation holes are the same as The size of the anti-rotation hole is smaller than that of the head; the spring is threadedly matched with the rod part, and is fixedly connected with the pull rod, and the pull rod moves away from the rod part along the axial direction of the rod part One side of the head extends. The utility model can be easily and reliably buckled in the opening of the airtight cavity, thereby facilitating the installation and connection of external parts.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: knurled nameplate solid rivets, thin shank screws, cap screws/cap nuts, nylon cross bolts and other products, we can provide you with products suitable for you fastener solutions.

Countersunk head Phillips screw

Wholesale 201 Stainless Steel

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