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Customized 304 stainless steel GB6184 all-metal locking screw cap anti-loose nut self-locking nut

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: coupling long nut, single...

Principles of stainless steel screw material selection: The selection of stainless steel materials is mainly considered from the following five aspects. 1. Requirements on mechanical properties, especially strength, of stainless steel screw materials; 2. Requirements on corrosion resistance of materials by working conditions; 3. Heat resistance of materials by working temperature (high temperature strength, oxidation resistance) 4. Requirements for material processing performance in terms of production technology; 5. Other aspects such as weight, price, procurement and many other factors must be considered.

The DISC-LOCK lock nut is composed of two parts, each part has staggered cams. Due to the internal wedge design, the slope angle is greater than the nut angle of the bolt, the combination will be tightly bite into a whole, when vibration occurs. When the DISC-LOCK lock nut is staggered, the raised parts of the DISC-LOCK lock nut move with each other to generate lifting tension, so as to achieve a perfect anti-loosening effect.

The purpose of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is to provide a fastener with a new structure with a nut, which cannot be tightened by conventional tools during use, and is suitable for special occasions requiring anti-theft.

Advanced bolts are the foundation of high-end machinery manufacturing, and their role can be called four ounces. On the surface, the output value of bolts only accounts for a few percent of the machinery industry. In essence, the added value it brings to key components and equipment is much higher. Over the years, after the continuous double-digit growth of Chinese bolts, the bolt industry experienced negative growth in 2012, down about 1.5% year-on-year, mainly due to insufficient market demand, especially after the bolts suffered from international anti-dumping, export sales declined. situation. [1] The competition in the bolt market is fierce, and it is moving towards brand management. In the past 10 years, the development speed of China Bolt has attracted the attention of the world, which surprised the developed countries, but also made them discover a new type of big market, and multinational companies filed in. When domestic bolt companies suddenly feel that it is so difficult to survive in the market, powerful competitors have blossomed everywhere. In today's Chinese bolt market, some small and medium-sized bolt enterprises manufacture a large number of common standard parts, which does not really bring core competitiveness to the enterprise, but is subject to changes in raw materials, labor costs and other conditions. From 4.8 to 6.8 low-strength bolts, or 8.8 to 12.9 high-strength bolts, the production technology level of Chinese bolts will be basically close to the world's advanced level, mainly ordinary standard parts and low- and medium-grade special and special-shaped bolts, with large quantities Inexpensive. It can be concluded that low-grade products flood the dominant market, a small part of high-grade, high-precision, high-strength bolts still need to be imported, and the difference between the unit price of products imported and the bid price is about 6 times or more. It can be seen that China's bolt industry is still a developing industry, big but not strong, fat but not strong, and the gap with the United States, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, my country, and lack of technical services to solve mechanical tightening. A solid solution to realize the digitalization of products, design, manufacturing and management, and the greening of products and manufacturing processes. It is understood that the development of Chinese bolts is under increasing pressure from resources and the environment. An important way to alleviate resource constraints is to develop green manufacturing. The development of bolts will continue to be actively promoted in the direction of brand management for a period of time in the future, and promote the development of bolt projects in all directions. [1] In terms of products, mid-to-high-end products will accelerate the localization of quality research and development. The whole process from design, manufacturing, packaging, transportation, use to end-of-life treatment must consider the least waste, the lowest emissions, and the high resource utilization rate. And the environmental impact is minimized, so that the corporate benefits and social benefits are coordinated and optimized. [1] In terms of circulation, explore various value-added service models to bring value and benefits to customers. From providing a single set of bolts to providing mechanical fastening solutions, customized services, remote monitoring, etc., the proportion of services in the sales revenue of bolt manufacturers will gradually increase. [1] Corporate restructuring is a trend, and strategic alliances seek development. At present, the low industrial concentration of China's bolt enterprises has seriously restricted the improvement of China's bolt competitiveness. The market opening over the years has not brought the core technology. In view of the above situation, the reorganization and strategic alliance between enterprises is a major trend. China's bolt industry must conform to this trend and trend, strengthen strategic cooperation between enterprises, and improve the overall competitiveness of China's bolts. China's growth in the field of bolt core technology lacks breakthroughs. At the same time, the living space of low-end products is getting smaller and smaller, and foreign capital through localized enterprises also has considerable cost advantages, coupled with the advantages of technology brands, and began to enter the market space of the original independent brands.

screw suitable for a variety of tools is a single-structure threaded part, including a screw body and a screw head. The outer surface of the screw body is processed with an external thread 1, and the outer side of the screw head is formed by six screw heads. Prismatic, the top surface of each edge of the outer hexagonal prism is a boss, between each boss is an end face groove 4, and the middle of each boss is provided with an end face hole 3; the inner side of the screw head is formed by six screw heads. The side surface 5 forms an inner hexagonal prism hole, and the bottom of the inner hexagonal prism hole is processed with a cross groove 13 .

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: anti-loosening nuts, non-slip flat washers, black and red diamond pattern aluminum column connection long nuts, flat head screw nuts and other products, we can provide you with suitable products Your fastener solution.

GB6184 all metal

Customized 304 stainless steel

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