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Customized 304 stainless steel countersunk head self-tapping screw flat head screw 5/8 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: 8-level blackened flat wa...

Pre-embedded copper nuts with straight pattern/twill pattern/herringbone embossing and other various anti-skid patterns can be completed at one time by automatic lathes. More complex copper nuts are processed by forming knives and table turning/tapping. Many products processed after machining are relatively simple reticulated copper nuts and straight-grained copper nuts, which are made of C3604 easy-turning brass. The surface pattern is directly drawn from the original bar, and the pattern is full and the tooth peak and bottom are clearly visible. Injection molding into plastic parts Afterwards, it can bear more high torque.

As one of the indispensable parts in automobiles, the main function of the screw is to fix the parts with through holes and the parts with screw holes together. The existing automobile screws include a screw rod and a head, and the thread pitches on the screw rod are equal. , When in use, directly screw the screw into the screw hole, so as to connect and fix the two parts, this connection method, however, when the screw has different thread spacing or part of the thread is damaged, the thread cannot be repaired and replaced. Then the whole screw will be scrapped.

With the development of science and technology, the advancement of technology, the rapid change of automotive products, also put forward higher requirements for fastener products, and automotive fastener-related products, especially in the process of assembling auto parts, in order to effectively improve the bolts The fastening strength is mostly made of combined gaskets (flat gaskets, cone gaskets) and riveted nuts to meet the assembly requirements.

1. Grade C washers do not have Ra3.2 and deburring requirements. 2. Grade C is suitable for medium assembly series, Grade A is suitable for fine assembly series 3. G B848-85 is mainly used for cylinder head screws, others are used for standard hexagon bolts, screws and nuts. 4. Material mechanical property grade: steel 200HV; austenitic stainless steel A200. 5. Marking example: standard series, nominal size d=8mm, flat washer with performance level of 200HV and no surface treatment: washer GB97.1—85 8 200HV

flange T-bolt, comprising: a T-bolt including a threaded tooth body and a bolt head fixedly connected to the threaded tooth body; a flange gasket with a plurality of clip teeth, the flange gasket passing through the The plurality of clamping teeth are clamped with the bolt head of the T-bolt. The technical solution of the utility model is that when the groove-type embedded parts are embedded vertically or at a certain angle, the plastic flange of the new T-bolt will help the bolt to be pre-positioned at a certain position of the groove. When multiple T-bolts are used for fixing, Only one worker needs to pre-arrange the bolt positions and then lock the nuts, which greatly improves the construction efficiency.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: flange machine bolts, 304 fasteners stainless steel countersunk head socket head socket screws, nut blocks, 316 anti-loose and anti-skid products, etc. Provide you with the right fastener solution for you.

Countersunk head tapping screws

Customized 304 stainless steel

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