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Supply 304 stainless steel elastic cylindrical pin spring pin split pin positioning pin 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: DIN1440, tapping expa...

When the iron pot is manufactured, the iron head is connected to the iron pot body through rivets, and then the pot handle is set through the iron head, and the iron head connects the pot handle and the iron pot body together. However, when the iron head is installed, the position may be inaccurate. At this time, it is necessary to remove the rivet and reinstall the iron head. At present, the removal of rivets is completely done manually, that is, workers use screwdrivers to unscrew the rivets, which is difficult to remove, wastes a lot of manpower, and has low work efficiency, thereby reducing production efficiency.

A kind of nut provided by Yueluo. The nut is in the shape of a casing and is provided with a threaded section. The hole walls at both ends of the threaded section are respectively provided with an annular shape and two grooves, and the notch of the groove points to the hole core. The hole diameter at the notch of the annular groove at the front end of the screw-in direction is larger than the nominal size of the thread segment, and the hole diameter at the notch of the annular groove at the rear end of the screw-in direction is smaller than the nominal size of the thread segment.

According to the properties of nuts, there are mainly national standard (GB), German standard (DIN), international standard (ISO), Japanese standard (JIS), American standard (ASTM/ANSI) and other standards. Among them, the national standard, German standard, and Japanese standard are represented by M (such as M8, M16), and the American system and the British system are represented by fractions or # (such as 8#, 10#, 1/4, 3/8). Commonly used national standard GB41 Ⅰ type hexagonal nut - C grade GB6170 Ⅰ type hexagonal nut - A, B grade GB6171 I type hexagonal nut - fine thread - A, B grade GB6172 hexagonal thin nut - A, B grade - chamfering GB6173 Hexagonal Thin Nut - Fine Thread - A, B Grade GB6174 Hexagon Thin Nut - B Grade - No Chamfer GB6175 II Hexagonal Nut - A, B Grade GB6176 II Type Hexagonal Nut - Fine Thread - A, B Grade GB6177 Hexagon Method Blue face nut - grade A GB55 hexagonal thick nut GB56 hexagonal super thick nut GB1229 large hexagonal nut (high strength for steel structure)

According to the development and evolution process of self-tapping screws, we believe that the main types of self-tapping screws are as follows: 1. Common self-tapping screw threads are self-tapping threads, also known as wide thread. The surface is mostly electroplated. 2. Self-cutting and self-tapping screws are called scraping ends of self-tapping screws in my country's standard. The threads are self-tapping threads or machine threads, and the cross grooves are also H type. There are several types of self-cutting self-tapping screws: cross recessed pan head self-cutting self-tapping screws, cross recessed countersunk head self-cutting self-tapping screws. Cross recessed countersunk head self-cutting self-tapping screws, hexagon head self-cutting self-tapping screws. 3. Self-extrusion and self-tapping screws (self-tapping locking screws) The threads of self-extrusion and self-tapping screws are generally machine threads, and self-tapping threads are rarely used. In the wrenching method, in order to ensure the use of high-speed automatic assembly wrenches, slotting is generally not recommended. The cross section of the screw of the self-extrusion self-tapping screw is triangular. So it is also called triangular thread screw. 4. Self-drilling and self-tapping screws (self-drilling screws) The threads of self-drilling and self-tapping screws are self-tapping threads according to Chinese, German and international standards. In the American ASME and SAE standards, the BSD self-drilling self-tapping screws are self-tapping threads, and the CSD self-drilling self-tapping screws are machine threads. Self-drilling self-tapping screws are not recommended for slotted and normal hex head. 5. Metal driving screws (metal tapping screws) The metal driving screws have multiple threads and special threads with a certain helix angle. Only the American standard has metal drive screws, and there are no Chinese and German standards. 6. Wallboard self-tapping screws (dry wall screws) Wallboard white tapping screws are special threads with horn head, cross groove (H type) and 60° profile angle, and the surface is mostly phosphate treatment (phosphating). 7. The cross groove of the fiberboard nail is Z-shaped, and the surface treatment is mostly electroplating. There are several types of fiberboard nails: countersunk head, double countersunk head fiberboard nails, pan head, pan head flange (with pad) fiberboard nails, semi-countersunk head, semi-countersunk head flange (with cushion) fiberboard nails. 8. Combination self-tapping screws Ordinary self-tapping screws, self-cutting self-tapping screws, self-drilling self-tapping screws, etc., and flat washers, elastic washers (including spring washers, elastic locking washers, etc.). 9. Others Self-tapping screw types High and low thread double lead self-tapping screws, coarse and fine thread (different pitch) thread self-tapping screws, threads coated with sealing material (fall resistance) self-tapping screws, various composite groove self-tapping screws, Other special self-tapping screws, etc. In short, there are many types of self-tapping screws. With the development of production, the advancement of technology, new materials, new structures, and new thread forms, new self-tapping screw products will continue to appear.

If the above-mentioned nuts and screws are used as a kind of fasteners that can prevent others from being disassembled, such as when installing iron doors-steel windows, people usually tighten the nuts first, and then use a welding machine to weld the nuts and screws. To prevent the nut from loosening, it may be necessary to use a tool to mill the threads on the screw. It can be seen that this approach is very inconvenient.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: screw joint nuts, lifting ear straps, non-slip flange hexagon nuts, steel structure high-strength screws and other products, we can provide you with suitable products for you fastener solutions.

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