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Production of fixed wall-mounted expansion screw bracket ultra-long expansion screw invisible clapboard bracket accessories 5/8 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: ISO8752, GB70.1 bolts...

The force condition of the screw is broadcasted: 1) Self-weight G; 2) Torque M required to overcome material resistance; 3) Axial force P generated by material pressure. Screw screw screw is generally scrapped due to long-term wear, the gap between the screw and the barrel is too large and cannot be extruded normally, but there are also examples of damage due to improper design or improper operation. Therefore, the screw should also meet certain strength requirements. 4) The dangerous section of the screw is generally at the smallest thread root diameter in the feeding section. According to material mechanics, for plastic materials, the composite stress is calculated by the third strength theory, and its strength conditions are:

A: Metric Screws B: US Screws C: Inch Screws A: Metric Machine Screws: Metric Ex: M3 x 6 – PPB : M3 Machine Screws, 6mm Length, Cross, Flat Head, Black Plated. Finish Code: Finishing Specifications Head Code: The shape of the head. The shape of the screw head. Cylindrical head. Half head. sinking head. Spherical cylinder head. Pan head. Half round head. Hex Head.

Alloy Steel Nuts Hexagon Nuts (GB6170/DIN934, GB6175), Flange Nuts (GB6177/DIN6923) Round Nuts (GB812), Small Round Nuts (GB810), American Square Nuts, American Hex Nuts (NI/MEB18.2.2), Heavy Duty Nuts (Metric, US). Specifications: 5/16-4. Nut Specifications Nut specification table is to unify all kinds of nuts in detail, and use the table to subdivide some specifications of nuts. There are many types of nuts, and there are nuts of different materials. Each type of nut has different specifications, and each type of screw also has its mechanical properties and functions.

The purpose of Yueluo is to provide a screw with a plurality of threads continuously coiled in a helical shape formed on its shank; wherein the shank is provided with a protruding cutting portion at the front section with threads toward the tip, for the purpose of providing the screw. The front section is screwed into the object to successfully complete the stage of cutting and rapid chip removal, and the rod part is provided with a concave cutting part at the rear section with threads toward the head, for the rear section of the rod to be introduced into the object. , so that the work of the stage of cutting and collecting chips can be successfully completed; so that the screw can achieve multiple functions such as labor-saving cutting, smooth and rapid chip removal and chip collection during the locking process.

The pressure riveting nut, also known as the self-tightening nut, is a kind of nut applied to thin plates or sheet metal parts. To facilitate the installation of other parts on the printed circuit board. The conventional process is to design prefabricated holes on the printed circuit board in advance, and squeeze the rivet nut into the board through pressure, so that the periphery of the hole is plastically deformed, so that the rivet nut is firmly fixed on the circuit board. In important positions, the use environment of pressure riveting nuts is relatively harsh. In display products, due to space constraints, pressure riveting screws are used a lot. The riveting quality of pressure riveting screws has a direct impact on the reliability of the system. The riveting process is correct. The key technology of using rivet nuts.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: flat head adjusting screws, blue zinc-plated stamping self-locking nuts, non-standard flat washers, red handle screws and other products, we can provide you with products suitable for you fastener solutions.

Bracket extra long expansion screw

Production of fixed wall-mounted expansion screws

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