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Production carriage screw semi-round head square neck screw square hole bridge shelf bolt screw 3/4

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: black copper column, ...

The Chinese Patent Application No. 201320368989.2 discloses a pin, which includes a pin body and a cylindrical body part integrally provided with the pin body, a convex tip is provided on the cylindrical body part at one end of the pin body, and the convex The tip is horizontally arranged around the cylindrical body part and protrudes from the surface of the cylindrical body part. The connection between the cylindrical body part and the convex tip is provided with an inclined plane. Although this pin solves the problems of easy loosening and falling off to a certain extent, However, this kind of pin still has the problem of loosening and falling off in the case of bad working conditions and severe vibration.

In order to achieve the above purpose, Yueluo provides the following technical solutions: threaded rivets include a nail rod, an expansion piece, and a nail sleeve, one end of the nail rod is provided with a mounting piece, and the side of the mounting piece away from the nail rod is movably installed with a mounting piece. There is a driving mechanism. The driving mechanism includes a mounting cylinder and a movable rod. A cross groove is formed at one end of the mounting piece close to the driving mechanism. The rod is movably installed on the inner side of the installation cylinder, and one end of the movable rod close to the cross groove is fixedly provided with a cross connecting piece that matches the cross groove, the cross connecting piece is matched with the cross groove, and the movable rod is far away from the cross groove. One end of the cross connecting piece is fixedly provided with a fixing piece, the fixing piece and the installation cylinder are screwed together by threads, the expansion piece is sleeved on the outer side of the nail rod, and the nail sleeve is movably installed on the nail rod away from the driving mechanism The outer side of one end of the nail rod is movably installed with a fixing mechanism.

Existing bolt pairs usually include bolts, nuts and washers, and their specific structures and usage methods are traditionally known and common in life. They will not be described in detail here. You can find relevant bolt pairs by searching for bolt pairs on the Internet. Information picture, the structure of the ordinary bolt pair has basically no structural improvement since it was used as a fastener. The production requirements of ordinary bolt pairs are the basic material, structural strength, and accuracy requirements, while the tightening and anti-loosening requirements The requirements of the effect are basically to achieve the problem of tightening and anti-loosening by using elastic washers, anti-loosening washers or using double nuts.

spring washer is installed under the nut to prevent the nut from loosening. It is stated in the national standard. Hexagonal slotted nuts are specially designed for use with bolts with holes at the end of the screw, so that the cotter pin can be inserted into the hole of the screw from the groove of the nut to prevent the nut from automatically loosening. It is mainly used for vibration loads or alternating loads. . The methods to prevent the nut (or bolt) from automatically loosening in the mechanical design and production are as follows: 1. Add a spring washer; (simple and easy to do) 2. Use a hexagonal slotted nut + a split pin; (increase the processing process) 3 . Pad the stop washer; (increase the processing process compared with the same period of last year) 4. Insert the steel wire into the hexagon head opening of the hexagon bolt. (Increased processing steps compared to the same period of last year) Spring washers are used to prevent loosening. For example, the bolts connecting the motor and the machine base generally need to add spring washers, because the motor vibrates without the spring washers, and the nuts will loosen. Generally, the fasteners on the equipment with vibration There is a spring gasket on it, and there is generally no need to add a gasket on the flange! Whether the spring gasket is added to the flange is related to the medium circulating in the pipeline. If it is easy to generate pulses, it is best to add spring gaskets, as well as high-speed fluid, and the caliber changes frequently. Do not generalize. On some valves, the stuffing box gland All flanges need to be added with spring gaskets. The automatic selection of spring gaskets is included.

Self-locking nuts generally rely on friction. The principle is to press the embossed teeth into the preset holes of the sheet metal. Generally, the diameter of the square preset holes is slightly smaller than that of the rivet nut. The nut is connected with the locking mechanism. When the nut is tightened, the locking mechanism locks the ruler body, and the ruler frame cannot move freely to achieve the purpose of locking; when the nut is loosened, the locking mechanism disengages the ruler body, and the ruler frame edge body movement

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: thickened washers, small nut screws, PC polycarbonate, cover-shaped nut caps and other products, we can provide you with fastening suitable for you piece solution.

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