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Production of 304 stainless steel expansion screw pull explosion bolt stainless steel expansion bolt expansion pipe nail

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: aluminum alloy flat k...

Large, countersunk, and thin rivet nuts can be produced according to different die angles. Then the cold forged rivet nut is degreasing, cleaned and annealed, and then extruded and tapped and surface electroplated. Since the rivet nut is formed by cold extrusion of low carbon steel, it has high mechanical properties. Specifically, the tensile strength of M3 is 250Kg, the shear strength is 140Kg; the tensile strength of M4 is 700Kg, the shear strength is 220Kg; the tensile strength of M5 1100Kg, shear force 380Kg; M6 tensile force 1750Kg, shear force 450Kg; M8 tensile force 2650Kg, shear force 660Kg.

Hex cap screw and Hex bolt Hex bolt As the name suggests, it is a male threaded fastener with a hexagonal head, designed to be turned with a wrench. According to the ASME B18.2.1 standard, the head height and shank length tolerance of the hexagon head screw (Hex cap screw) is smaller than that of the general large hexagon bolt (Hex bolt), so ASME B18.2.1 hexagon screw is suitable for installation in all hexagon bolts that can be used. places, also including places where the large hex bolts are too large to be used. The screw head of the hexagon socket screw is round on the outside, and the middle is a concave hexagon, and the hexagon screw is the kind of common hexagonal screw head. The hexagon socket head screwdriver looks like a '7'. Cut two sections of a hexagonal steel bar and bend it at 90 degrees to form a hexagon socket head screw wrench, which is sold in hardware tool stores. Hexagon socket screwdrivers are not so-called mobile phone special screwdrivers. Mobile phone special screwdrivers can be bought at the booths that sell repair tools in the electronics market. Hexagon socket head cap screws are often used in machinery, mainly because they are easy to fasten, disassemble, and not easy to slip. The Allen wrench is generally a 90° bend. One end of the bend is long and one side is short. When using the short side to drive screws, holding the long side can save a lot of force and tighten the screws better. The long end has a round head (a hexagonal cylinder is similar to a sphere) and a flat head. The round head can be easily slanted and disassembled, and some parts that are inconvenient to lower the wrench can be installed. The manufacturing cost of the outer hexagon is much lower than that of the inner hexagon. Its advantages are that the screw head (the force position of the wrench) is thinner than the inner hexagon, and some places cannot be replaced by the inner hexagon. In addition, machines with low cost, low power strength and low precision requirements use much less hexagon socket screws than external hexagon screws. [1] Socket cap screw, also known as socket head screw or Allen bolt, is a screw with a hexagonal inner hole on the head, with a hexagonal ruler (hex key, Allen wrench or Allen key) Tighten or loosen only after inserting into the inner hole. The most commonly used hexagon socket head screws are cylindrical head screws with a head diameter of about 1.5 times the main diameter of the thread (1960 series). Countersunk head cap screw. The countersunk hole design allows the screw head to be rotated without being exposed on the surface of the fixed object, so it is mostly used in places where the surface is small and it is inconvenient for traditional wrenches to use.

Inch Screws C-1: Thread Code: The denominator is marked as 8, and then the numerator is directly called the number. Ex: 1/8 x 0.50 –PPB: 1 Thread screw x 0.50” long, PPB Ex: 5/16 x 0.50 –PPB = 2.5/8 x 0.50-PPB : 2 ½ inch screw x 0.50” long, PPB Ex: 5/32 x 0.50 –PPB =1.25/8 x 0.50-PPB: 1 ½ ½ inch screw x 0.50” long , PPB Ex: 1/4 x 0.50-PPB= 2/8 x 0.50-PPB: 2-point screw x 0.50” long, PPB Note: Coarse or fine pitch is sometimes indicated. UNF: Fine pitch: more commonly used in the electronics industry UNC: Coarse Thread: More commonly used for heavy machinery construction. Ex: 3/8 x 0.50, UNF –PPB: 3 point fine thread screw x 0.50” long, PPB. C-2: Length Code: In inches, must be multiplied by 25.40 is converted to mm. Measured with a buckle gauge, it is a metric thread when it matches the metric thread, and an inch thread when it matches the inch thread. You can also use a caliper to measure the outer diameter and pitch of the thread. The outer diameter of the metric thread is in millimeters, Such as 6, 8, 10, 12, 18, 20 mm, etc., the pitch is also in millimeters, such as 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, etc. The outer diameter of the imperial thread is in inches, (per inch Equal to 25.4 mm) such as 3/16, 5/8, 1/4, 1/2, etc. Therefore, the reading of the outer diameter with a metric caliper often has irregular decimals. The inch pitch is expressed by how many teeth per inch. Set the caliper at 25.4 mm, align one caliper tip with the thread cusp, and the other caliper tip, if aligned with the thread cusp, is an inch thread, and if the thread cusp is not aligned, it should be a metric thread. The tip is printed on the white chalk. The chalk is clear and easy to measure. To measure the metric pitch, you should measure a length, such as 10, 15, 20, millimeters, etc., count how many teeth are included, and calculate the pitch in inches. The specified thread specification is inch thread, such as: G1. Metric threads are specified in metric units of millimeters. Such as: M30. The imperial system is determined by how many teeth there are in one inch (2.54 cm), generally a 55-degree angle. The metric system is the pitch determined by the distance between the two tooth tips, usually a 60-degree angle anchor screw: tighten the machine, etc. Screws for use on the ground. Also called anchor bolts. The difference between British and American screws is difficult to distinguish visually. The difference between British and American screws is that the rolling angle of British screws is 55 degrees, while the rolling angle of American screws is 60 degrees. These two standard screws are used in most screws. It can be used in general, but 1/2 size screws are not allowed, because the standard thread of inch 1/2 is 1/2-12 teeth, while the American system is 1/2-13 teeth.

1. Precautions for the quality of high-strength bolts or screws and flat washers assemblies. The surface of the Phillips hexagon combination screw should be checked for burrs or scratches. There is no oil stains, or rust. To test the material of the combination screw, the strength of the grade used in different high strengths should be consistent with it. Second, the combination bolt and nut should be used together with the same grade as the nut, and the same grade should be used together. Third, when installing and using combined bolts, it should be in reasonable weather conditions and should not be operated in the rain. Fourth, when installing, it is forbidden to use excessive force and excessive force. Lead to sliding teeth, or locking phenomenon.

The flat gasket product is an accessory on the high-speed rail backing plate. The product requires two planes to be flat, the shape and size of the inner hole are accurate, and there are no casting defects (such as air holes, shrinkage holes, sand holes, etc.), and the casting material requires GB/T450-10 . Due to the light weight and large demand of flat gaskets, if they are produced by ordinary sand casting process, the castings are prone to deformation, sand holes, air holes and other casting defects, and the molding area is large, the production efficiency is low, and the production tasks are difficult to complete.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: metric countersunk head knurled nuts, R-type cotter pins, ingot casting nuts 0, full hollow rivets and other products, we can provide you with suitable products for you. Fastener Solutions.

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