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Processing solid welded O-ring rings solid welded steel ring hammock yoga connection ring steel ring

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: floating cabinet scre...

The embossing wheel is used to press the mesh pattern (rolling mesh pattern), and the middle is slotted. After milling, the thread still guarantees 6H accuracy. This knurled copper nut is used in power tools, which is different from other knurled copper nuts. The diamond pattern of this knurled copper nut is located in the middle section of the product, and the diamond-shaped mesh knurling wheel rolls the diamond-shaped flower along the large outer circular step surface.

When checking the finished blind rivet, check: the diameter of the rivet body, the length of the rivet body, the thickness of the rivet body cap, the diameter of the cap, the total length of the mandrel, the exposed size of the mandrel, the size of the nail cap, and the outer diameter after assembly can be considered. In the actual inspection, the weak links of the product can be measured, such as: tensile force, shear resistance, and core pull-out resistance. The key is to pay attention to the rivets, if the rivets are insufficient, whether they are riveted in place; or because the cap of the mandrel is too large, so that the mouth of the rivet body cannot be pulled down; and there are jump heads, that is, the mandrel is too low or broken. The size is too small etc. Length measurement of closed blind rivets

However, for some thin-walled parts (such as metal material parts with a thickness of less than 1mm), the combination of cylindrical pins and edge-cutting positioning pins is used as the positioning method on the workstation equipment. In the process of automatic grasping by mechanical grippers, there are many The disadvantage is that if the positioning accuracy is to be met, it is inconvenient for the parts to be placed in the station utensils, and it is also inconvenient for the mechanical gripper to grasp the parts, and it is easy to cause the phenomenon of positioning pin hook parts when grasping the parts. Abandon the positioning and matching accuracy of pins and holes, but in the process of equipment assembly, due to poor positioning accuracy, another phenomenon will occur, that is, the positioning pins on the mechanical gripper are not aligned with the positioning holes of the workstation equipment, so that the equipment Frequent errors. As shown in Figure 2, when the mechanical gripper grasps thin-walled parts with an inclined angle, if a cylindrical pin is used, there must be a large gap between the cylindrical pin head and the part positioning hole, that is, the diameter A of the part positioning hole must be larger than Only when the diameter B of the cylindrical pin head is larger, the parts can be picked and placed.

When fixing the centrifugal fan, since the gaskets, washers and nuts are separate parts, many parts are used in the whole process, and it is easy to miss the installation of parts; The volume of the parts is relatively small, and it is not easy to remove them when they are transferred into the air conditioner through the gap of the centrifugal fan blades, resulting in foreign bodies in the machine.

At present, the industry uses the pure manual installation method to install the elastic cylindrical pin, that is, the staff first holds the tool holder; then, manually puts the elastic cylindrical pin into the elastic cylindrical pin hole of the tool holder; then, use the body to align the tool holder For positioning, use a hammer to knock the elastic cylindrical pin into the tool holder. This installation method requires manual operation throughout the entire process, and the work efficiency is low. Moreover, when the hammer is knocked, the staff needs to use the body to position the tool holder, there is a risk of smashing and injuring people, and there is a potential safety hazard. In addition, hammering will cause deformation of the elastic cylindrical pin, and the qualification rate of assembly is low.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: extension screws, flange surface anti-slip bolts, round head screws and nuts, galvanized hexagonal rivet nuts and other products, we can provide you with suitable products for you. Fastener Solutions.

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