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Supply 304 stainless steel screw rod tooth rod 3/4

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: industrial aluminum p...

As the requirements for the use of electrical appliances in various industries continue to increase, the testing specifications for the performance of various components in electrical appliances are also constantly improving. Riveted contact elements are used in various relays, contactors, small switches, thermostats, etc. in low-voltage electrical appliances. The structure of the riveted contact element generally includes a contact base and a rivet riveted to the contact base. The rivet includes a rivet head and a rivet top, the structure of which is shown in FIG. 1 .

screw is a type of fastener that cooperates with threaded holes for combining various parts into one assembly and making the parts easy to assemble or disassemble. However, when the assembly containing the screw is used in a special environment, such as outdoor use or use in a liquid environment, there are requirements for preventing the leakage of liquid through the screw joint and preventing the screw from loosening at the screw joint. The screw structure does not have such a function. In the prior art, when there is a need for leakage prevention and loosening of the screw, a rubber washer is usually added between the screw head of the screw and the locking surface of the locked part, or the thread part of the screw is wrapped to prevent Leakage tape and then add anti-loose washers between the screw head of the screw and the locking surface of the locked part, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing leakage and loosening. However, the use of washers not only increases the thickness and weight of the assembly, but also requires an additional process during assembly, which is labor-consuming and labor-intensive. In the process of screwing, it is easy to cause uncertainty to the rubber washers due to the shear stress of the screws. Leakage occurs due to damage and deformation, and the practice of wrapping leak-proof tape around the screw teeth is often prone to damage to the threaded holes.

With the continuous improvement of automation technology, human participation in the production process is gradually decreasing, especially in the processing of some small parts, the manual processing efficiency and accuracy are low. Whether the screws can be stably picked up and installed automatically is of great help to improve automated production.

The material of the second combination screw: It is decided to use the test machine to test the material of the combination screw wire, which is divided into iron and stainless steel. Iron wire is divided into 1010 wire and 1018 wire, 10B21 wire, etc., stainless steel is divided into stainless steel 201, stainless steel 304, stainless steel 316 and so on. The provisions of the national label of three combination screws: Generally, those who have experience in combination screws can be separated by using the inner eye. The difference between hexagon heads. Use a caliper to measure out the three-combination screw specifications. How big is it, how long is it, how thick is the head of the combination screw, how thick is the flat washer, and what is the outer diameter of the flat washer. How many hours is the salt spray of the combination screw measured with a salt spray machine. Use the environmental test machine to test whether the three-combination screw is environmentally friendly. Still not environmentally friendly.

In the prior art, the beams used for installing the curtain wall are mainly divided into two types: closed-cavity structure and open structure, and angle aluminum connection is mainly used for the connection between the beam and the column. As far as the beam of the closed-cavity structure is concerned, after the angle aluminum is used to connect, there are open bolts on both ends of the upper surface of the beam, and the aesthetic performance is extremely poor. As far as the beam of the open structure is concerned, in the actual connection, first fix one corner of the angle aluminum to the beam, and then connect the other corner of the angle aluminum to the column; due to the limited operating space in the beam of the open structure, the angle aluminum is not It is easy and accurate to install, and it takes a lot of time to install; and when the curtain wall panel is heavy, the beam will be twisted, causing the gusset of the opening part of the beam to fall. In addition, due to the limitation of the opening structure itself (an additional gusset or clasp), the aluminum content of the beam is relatively heavy, and the manufacturing cost is high.

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Supply 304 stainless steel

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