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Customized Hexagon Bolt Screw Nut Set Daquan Extended Screw Flat Washer Spring Washer

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production, the main products are: hollow nut column, blind ...

T-slot bolts refer to the bolts installed in the T-slot. The installation process of T-slot bolts is usually as follows. When the T-slot (generally refers to the T-slot aluminum alloy profile) is set horizontally, the bolt The bolt head is placed in the T-slot in the horizontal direction, the bolt shaft is facing outward, and then the bolt is rotated 90 degrees axially, the bolt head becomes vertical and will not come out of the T-slot, and then install the mounting hole of the object Align the bolt rod and insert it and screw the nut on the bolt rod. During the tightening process of the nut, if the thread gap is small or the thread is damaged or there is dirt, the bolt will often rotate, and the rotation angle of the bolt is uncontrollable and impossible. Observe that when the rotation angle of the bolt is in the range of about 90 degrees, the bolt is in a state of being released from the T-shaped groove at any time. Even if the nut is tightened, the installation of the installation object is invalid and unreliable, and there is a serious safety hazard. , the actual situation is that when the rotation angle of the bolt exceeds 20-30 degrees, the installation of the installation object is already unreliable.

A rivet is a nail-shaped object used to connect two parts with a through hole and a cap at one end. It is mainly used in riveting to connect the riveted parts by its own deformation or interference.

However, Yueluo still feels that there should be room for improvement for the screw improvement and screw that integrates stability, labor, fast and multi-function in the above two cases; for example, No. 556784 screw improvement Although the rod has the function of cutting and collecting chips, when the screw starts to screw into the object such as wood, it is hindered by the hardness of the object's tissue, so the staff still needs to exert considerable force, resulting in the lock. In the solid operation, there is still a lack of difficulty in screwing in operation; another example, new cases such as No. 289410 screw that integrates locking, stability, labor, fast and multi-function, although the rod has the structural function of cutting and chip removal, it is The rod part is screwed into the middle section to the rear section of the object. Since the debris cannot be discharged, the rod part pushes the outer part of the object to the surrounding tissue of the object, so that the object expands outwards and even seriously damages the appearance of the object.

T-bolts have been widely used in the fields of aviation, aerospace and defense due to their good positioning and anti-shedding effects. Its related standards have special requirements for accurate positioning, anti-falling off, and dimensional consistency of T-bolts. This requires that the position, size and shape and position tolerance of the anti-fall hole of the T-bolt shank must be controlled within a certain range. Therefore, the processing method of the anti-shedding hole is particularly important. Since the machined anti-shedding hole is located at the position of the rod, the milling processing efficiency is too low, the product cost is high, and there is a large machining error. When conventional drilling is used, the consistency of the anti-shedding hole size cannot be guaranteed. To solve the above problems of low efficiency and dimensional instability

At present, injection molding screws are widely used in various electronic and automotive components, including a body, the middle of which is provided with a through hole 3, the body head 1 has a hexagonal cross-section, and the tail 2 is provided with screw teeth. When in use, the middle through hole 3 of the main body will first put the wire harness, and then fix it by injection molding from the head I, and the threads of the tail 13 should be connected and installed with other components. Because the head I of the main body is hexagonal, the torque provided after injection molding is insufficient. Therefore, after the external thread is installed and connected with other components, the head is prone to slip, the installation is not reliable, and there is no push-pull force, resulting in product failure and increased safety hazards.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: internal and external multi-tooth washers, precision pins, national standard 8.8 screws, square nuts and nuts and other products, we can provide you with suitable fastening products piece solution.


Customized Hexagon Bolts

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