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Processing 304 stainless steel small flat gasket metal washer flat washer 3/4 1/4-20

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: cap screw/cap nut, ny...

At present, the commonly used shaft retaining rings in the market usually include elastic retaining rings and screw locking retaining rings, but they all require tools to be installed and disassembled, which is relatively inconvenient to use.

A crank press with bilateral transmission, such as a briquettes machine, requires 1. The rotation phase of the main shaft gears on both sides must be consistent; 2. The connection between the main shaft and the main shaft gear should be free of gaps. In order to meet this requirement, there are mainly two schemes for the connection between the main shaft and the main shaft gear. Option 1, one or both ends of the main shaft and the main shaft gear are connected by flat keys. This scheme requires that the matching clearance between the main shaft and the gear hub is small, so it is difficult to process, assemble and maintain; Option 2, one or both ends of the main shaft and the main shaft gear Using taper-sleeve connection, this solution has good performance, but high cost and poor rigidity

The independent pocket spring pad includes a large number of independent pocket springs, and these independent pocket springs are regularly arranged in rows and columns to form a spring pad. Wherein, each row of pocket spring rows is laterally bonded to the adjacent row of pocket spring rows.

Generally speaking, combination screws are widely used in electrical, electric, mechanical, electronic, household appliances, furniture, ships and so on. But the above said that different combination screws have different functions. For example, Phillips pan head combination screws are generally used in small electronic products. Larger cross hexagon combination screws are used in larger electrical products, such as frequency converters, and some larger frequency converters use many cross hexagon combination screws. Hit the inverter case. To loosen the tightening effect. For example, two combination screws with flower teeth, which are used on the inverter, are used to break the paint, so that all the two combination screws on the surface of the casing are powered on. There is also a two-combination screw with a square pressure line, which itself is a two-combination screw with a pan head screw and a square pad. It is generally used on the surface of the terminal block. The function is for wiring and for crimping.

The technical process of nickel-phosphorus plating for high-strength bolts consists of three parts: The first part is the pre-treatment process, including the precision and appearance inspection of high-strength bolts before plating, manual degreasing, immersion degreasing, pickling, electro-activation and flash nickel plating and other processes; the second part is the electroless nickel plating treatment process; the third part is the post-treatment process, including the processes of hydrogen-displacing heat treatment, polishing and finished product inspection. As follows: Bolt chemical composition inspection → bolt pre-plating accuracy, visual inspection → manual degreasing → visual inspection → immersion degreasing → hot water washing → cold water washing → pickling → cold water washing → electric activation → cold water washing → flash nickel plating → cold water washing → Deionized water washing → Electroless nickel plating → Deionized water washing → Cold water washing → Hydrogen removal → Polishing → Finished product inspection.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: claw screw, round copper column, large flat head screw, tightener screw and other products, we can provide you with suitable tightening screws for you. Firmware Solutions.

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Machining 304 stainless steel

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