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Customized 65mn GB893 hole card inner card hole with elastic retaining ring C-type circlip circlip

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: DIN436 gasket, 201...

The positioning pin is a pin designed to accurately position the two adjacent parts of the mold in a mold composed of two or more parts. It can be seen that the positioning pin plays a positioning role, and the mold must be accurately synchronized when it is closed. product, and the positioning pin can make the upper and lower molds play a role in accurate positioning. In the mold design and manufacture of Yueluo, the positioning pin is one of the most common parts. Since it is only used for positioning between parts, few people will pay too much attention to it. In the cold stamping process of Yueluo, the dimensional accuracy of the blanking parts depends on the size of the working part of the punch and the concave die, and the dimensional difference between them constitutes the blanking die gap. Gap is an important process parameter for die design, and its size has a great influence on the quality of the section of the blanking part, the blanking force, and the life of the die. If the gap is too large, punching burrs will appear in punching; if the gap is too small, secondary cracks will occur in the section and extrusion burrs will appear, which will make the quality of the section after punching unsatisfactory, and a reasonable gap will not only help the punching section. The improvement of quality also contributes to the improvement of the lifespan of the 12-year-old utensils.

In the riveting operation, the rivet used is composed of a mandrel and a deformed collar. When in use, a through hole is drilled on the two components to be connected, and then the head of the rivet is passed through the through hole and clamped by a rivet. The tail of the rivet will break the rivet, the head of the rivet and the deformed collar remain in the through hole, and the whole riveting process is completed. The existing pull rivets have the following shortcomings: first, the parts where the pull rivet and the two components are connected cannot be completely and tightly fitted, which meets the requirements of non-sealing for parts that have waterproof and leak-proof requirements; second, the existing pull rivets The separation groove of the rivet mandrel is close to its head. When the mandrel is broken by the rivet during the riveting process, basically only the head of the mandrel remains in the deformation collar, and the connection of the two components depends on the deformation of the collar. Under the action of compressive stress, the inside of the deformed collar becomes hollow due to the breaking of the mandrel, and cannot bear large shear stress.

Double-end stud (English name: double-end stud) refers to a cylindrical fastener with threads at both ends. Widely used in electric power, chemical industry, oil refining, valves, railways, bridges, steel structures, automobile and motorcycle accessories, machinery, boiler steel structures, pendant towers, large-span steel structures and large buildings.

In specific implementation, the axial three-dimensional shape of the nut and the screw head is in the shape of a pentagonal frustum, the elastic surface of the screw is parallel to the center line of the bolt, and the upper contour line is arc-shaped; the screw can be full or partial thread; the top of the screw head The shape is round.

In another embodiment of Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd., the conveying device 3 includes a motor 31 and a circular rotating disk 34, the motor 31 drives the circular rotating disk 34 to rotate, and the circular rotating disk 34 is evenly provided with screws in the circumferential direction. The matching screw accommodating hole 35, the screw enters the screw accommodating hole 35, the motor 31 drives the circular rotating plate 34 to rotate, so that the screw is first slotted by the cutting wheel 42, and then polished by the fixing wheel 48, and the screw is in the screw accommodating hole 35. It is fixed, which is more secure and reliable during the slotting process. Preferably, the circular rotating disk 34 includes a circular rotating disk 32 and a sector-shaped fixed disk 33. The circular rotating disk 32 is evenly provided with screw receiving recesses matching the screws in the circumferential direction, and the recesses and the sector-shaped fixed disk 33 are formed with the screws The matching screw receiving holes face the cutting wheel 42 and the fixing wheel 54 .

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: anti-skid and anti-loosening, connecting pre-embedded nuts and nuts, small hexagon head reaming bolts, GB118 pins and other products, we can provide you with suitable products Your fastener solution.


Customized 65mn

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