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Customized 8.8 grade GB56 hexagonal thickened nut lengthened high-strength nut 3/4 1/4-20

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: machine wire screws, ...

The utility model proposes an installation structure which adopts a T-shaped bolt to cooperate with a channel, which includes a bolt head, an installation channel, a nut and a washer. The upper end of the screw rod is provided with a screw head, the two side walls of the bolt head are respectively provided with an arc surface, the two ends of the bolt head are provided with protrusions, and the interior of the installation channel is provided with an inner cavity, There is an opening above the installation channel, the bolt head is installed in the inner cavity, the nut is installed on the screw, the nut is located above the installation channel, and the gasket is installed on the installation channel and the nut between.

Cross recessed pan head screws refer to cross recessed machine wire screws, which are represented by the letters PM. The country stipulates that the thread specification is M1.6-M10, the performance level is 4.8, A-50, A2-70, CU2, CU3 and AL4, H-type and Z-type cross recessed, and the product grade is Class A cross recessed pan head screws . If other technical requirements are needed, they should be selected from the current standards (such as GB/T196, GB/T3106, GB/T3098.1, GB/T3098.6 and GB/T3098.10).

The front wall sound insulation pad is used to absorb the heat and noise transmitted by the firewall, and also plays the role of heat insulation and vibration isolation, ensuring a relatively quiet and comfortable environment in the car and improving ride comfort. As shown in FIGS. 1 and 2 , the front wall sound insulation and heat insulation pad 101 is generally fixed to the vehicle body by means of screw buckles 102 . The screws 100 are clamped by the clamping feet 103 in the screw The limiting rib 104 clamps the screw 100. After the screw 100 is clamped into the screw buckle 102, the tail end of the screw 100 is exposed, which is easy to scratch the operator when assembling other components, and the exposed screw 100 is easy to cause corrosion, thereby affecting the connection strength of the screw 100, and also The service life of the screw 105 is reduced.

square nut described by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. includes a nut body 1, the nut body 1 is in the shape of a cube, the side length is 7.6mm, and the height is 2.4mm. The upper and lower ends of the nut body 1 are respectively set. There are circular protrusions 2 and circular protrusions 3 with a height of 0.25mm, and the circular protrusions 2 and the circular protrusions 3 are respectively tangent to the upper and lower surfaces of the nut body 1 in a square shape. A through hole 4 is provided in the middle of the shaped protrusion 2 and the circular protrusion 3, and runs through the nut body 1. The opening of the through hole 1 is provided with a chamfer 5 of 30°, and a thread 6 is provided on the inner wall of the through hole 4. , the circular protrusion 2 is provided with a number of strip-shaped protrusions 7 along the circumference inward to the opening of the through hole 4. The number of the strip-shaped protrusions 7 can be arbitrary, and the ideal number is 26, and the through hole 4 is open. There are several strip-shaped grooves 8 at the circumference of the circular protrusion 3. The number of strip-shaped grooves 8 can be arbitrary, and the ideal number is 26. The circular protrusions 2 and the circular protrusions 3 There is a chamfer 9 of 15° extending outward to the prism of the nut body 1 . The production of square nuts described by Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. is basically the same as the traditional nut process. The key point is to use a punching machine to punch out circular protrusions on both ends. High, and the circular protrusion 2 is punched again to make a bar-shaped protrusion 7, and at this time, the height of the circular protrusion 2 is consistent with the plane height of the circular protrusion 3, and the circular protrusion 3 is formed by stamping. groove 8. The contact surface of the nut body 1 is increased by providing circular protrusions 2 and circular protrusions 3 on the upper and lower end surfaces of the nut body 1, and respectively providing a bar-shaped protrusion 7 and a bar-shaped groove 8 at the two circular protrusions. Therefore, the friction between the nut body 1 and the fastener is effectively increased, and a good fastening effect is achieved.

The inner hole retaining ring groove processing mechanism is characterized in that: it comprises a pneumatic grinder fixed block installed on the tool table of the lathe, a pneumatic grinder installed on the pneumatic grinder fixed block and a grinding wheel piece installed on the front end of the pneumatic grinder; The pneumatic grinder mounting block is provided with a pneumatic grinder installation through hole, and there are at least 2 screw holes above the pneumatic grinder installation through hole; the grinding wheel is designed according to the diameter of the product and the thickness of the groove width, in order to increase the strength of the grinding wheel , Add flanges at both ends of the grinding wheel to improve the strength of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel piece includes the connecting blade on the flange plate. The center of the flange plate is provided with a mounting hole installed on the pen-type pneumatic grinder. The diameter of the mounting hole is 17.8- 18mm, the diameter of the grinding wheel is 18-20mm.

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GB56 Hexagon Thickening Nut

Customized level 8.8

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