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Customized GB119 Carbon Steel Cylindrical Pin Pin Pin Positioning Pin Hardened and Quenched

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in screw industry production. The main products are: GB799 stainless steel bol...

Yueluo's thin plate rivet method, the thickness of the metal thin plate is less than 0.8mm. The convex rib extrudes the metal sheet adjacent to the rivet hole. The protruding rib is annular, and the protruding rib surrounds the rivet. The rivet head is provided with a positioning structure, the rivet head is provided with a positioning structure for docking the positioning structure, and the positioning structure and the positioning structure are mutually butted through the rivet to align the convex rib with the rivet

High-strength self-locking nut for boats and bridges, it can convert the friction force into the expansion force between the bolt and the slot nut to achieve excellent self-locking effect. There are two slots on the upper part of the ESL nut. When the nut is tightened on the bolt, the thread of the bolt will be screwed into the slot of the cross section of the nut, and the thread will be gradually locked by the side wall of the nut to achieve the function of self-locking. The exquisite production process can keep the torque type of the locking element consistent, and the products are generally used in railway casting, rail transit, transmission system, mining equipment, highway, military, oil production machinery, automobile industry, public facilities, subway, engine, construction machinery , aerospace, drilling equipment, bridges, generators, agricultural machinery, shipbuilding industry, metallurgical equipment, trains, compressors, medical machinery, signal systems, wind power generation

The necked brake pad rivet includes a head and a shaft, the head and the shaft are integrally connected, and it is characterized in that: the head and the shaft are provided with axial through holes formed by cold heading, so The end of the shaft is provided with a tapered portion formed by cold extrusion and chamfering.

With the mass production of large-scale equipment, standardization, and the concept of lean production, it has become more and more important to improve the efficiency of the assembly stage. Nowadays, when assembling small equipment, power tools and automatic bolt supply devices are basically popular, but only for M3 and smaller However, large equipment is often fastened with M8 or larger diameter bolts, and it is still in the process of combining manual and air tools. Among them, the pre-installation of the flat and spring washers on the bolts is completely manual operation. When the bolts need to be tightened in large quantities, the shortcomings of low efficiency are particularly obvious, and the flat and spring washers are easy to be scattered when manually assembled, and there are mixed installations of different specifications. Problems such as less installation and missing installation will affect the processing quality.

In view of the deficiencies of the prior art, a simple structure is provided, which can ensure that the nut body and the washer are assembled together during the production of the wheel nut, and will not be separated from each other in any occasion, so as to ensure the reliability of the assembly, and the nut will no longer appear. The wheel nut assembly that needs to be reassembled after use or placement saves time and effectively improves the convenience of the wheel nut when it is used or placed

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: flat head pattern screws, internal hex nuts, ceiling expansion screws, 4.8 grade galvanized nuts and other products, we can provide you with suitable products for you Fastener Solutions.

cylindrical pin

Customized GB119 Carbon Steel

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