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Customized GB12 304 stainless steel carriage screw half round head square neck bolt shelf screw

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry. The main products are: small round head nuts...

Riveting is the most traditional way of connecting metal parts. It has the advantages of easy operation, high reliability and not easy to deform. It is widely used in the skeleton of outdoor products such as tents and camp beds. Commonly used aluminum alloy rivets use their own deformation or interference to connect the parts of the riveted parts in the riveting process. Due to cost and functional considerations, the rivet and the riveted material are often different, which is easy to occur in outdoor high humidity. Electrochemical corrosion, and the commonly used high-strength thin-walled pipes have a large shear stress on the aluminum alloy rivets at the riveting point. Under the combined action of the above two factors, it is easy to cause deformation or even breakage at the riveting point, which affects the life of outdoor products. A kind of Corrosion and shear resistant aluminium alloy rivets.

The research on rivet nuts started in the 1970s in my country and is still in the design and development stage. In the mid-1980s, equipment for the production of blind rivets was introduced from abroad, but no rivet nut has been produced so far. After the inventor's search, no low-carbon steel rivet nut was found to be publicly used.

Generally, the most commonly used material on the market is iron. The iron one is known as carbon steel. It is punched out or turned. After being manufactured, it is in its natural color. In order to prevent rusting, it is necessary to Electroplated. The stainless steel rivet nuts do not need electroplating. In the case of iron, the color of electroplating is generally determined by the customer, and the color of the electroplating depends on what color the customer needs. There are also some requirements for salt spray time. Some electroplating colors have a higher salt spray time, and some electroplating, less rust in a few hours. Another point is to see whether the customer needs to export the product. Generally, the export needs to be environmentally friendly, and some domestic ones also need it, but most of them are not needed.

At present, shaft retaining rings are mainly divided into three categories: elastic retaining rings for shafts, flattened wire retaining rings for shafts, and wire retaining rings for shafts. Among them, the spring retaining ring for the shaft is generally installed with circlip pliers, and the flattening wire retaining ring for the shaft and the wire retaining ring for the shaft are generally installed with a sharp screwdriver or needle-nose pliers. The defects and deficiencies of these two methods will be discussed in detail below: First, the above two installation methods require the operator to use a large force to open the retaining ring, which is more laborious; For the installation of the flattened steel wire retaining ring for the shaft and the steel wire retaining ring for the shaft, because the wire retaining ring has low elasticity and has no force point, it is very easy to cause the retaining ring to break or the installation tool to slip during the installation process. Higher skills and experience can be competent for the installation of wire retaining rings.

At present, when using the existing screwdriver to install the screw, it is necessary to fix the screw with the left hand and turn the screwdriver with the right hand. However, in some places where the installation space is small and the installation is difficult, there are many areas that cannot be accessed by hands, and the installation is very difficult. For example, on an airplane, when installing with a common screwdriver, it is very difficult to install the screws and the installation efficiency is low because the screws cannot be positioned; in addition, when installing screws on the aircraft wing or fuselage, the combination between the screwdriver and the screw is easy to slip, The blade of the screwdriver slipped out and could easily bruise the hand and damage the aluminum skin of the aircraft.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: needle stud bolts, thin washers, hexagon nuts, galvanized square nuts and other products, we can provide you with suitable tightening piece solution.

304 stainless steel

Customized GB12

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