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Processing GB30 white-plated 4.8 external hexagon screws Hexagon head bolts galvanized 1/2-13 1/4-20

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: round isolation co...

Plastic tree rivets are also called inverted tooth plastic rivets, also known as Christmas tree plastic rivets. The toothed flakes have good elasticity and can be directly manually pressed and installed in the round holes of the interference assembly. The toothed flakes can be installed according to the actual thickness and size. It can be fixed by self-adjustment. The design of the inverted tooth type is that the rivet is firmly fixed to the installation surface after installation, and it is not easy to be pulled out. It is suitable for fixing between soft materials such as foam, wood, rubber, and automobile interiors. Plastic tree rivets have excellent insulation, fire resistance, non-magnetic, heat insulation, light weight, high temperature resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance, and are widely used in various industrial fields.

Classification broadcast product series Product detailed classification Hexagon bolts (1) Hexagon bolts (1) Hexagon full teeth: GB5783/DIN933 (2) Hexagon half teeth; GB5782/DIN931 (3) Class B flange hexagon bolts: GB5787 (4) Joint bolts: GB798/DIN444 (5) Welding bolts for manual welding: GB902 square neck bolts (1) Half round head square neck bolts: GB14/DIN603 (2) Small half round head square neck bolts: GB12 (3) Half round head low square neck bolts: GB801 Remarks: Square neck bolts and carriage bolts Hexagon socket head cap screws (1) Hexagon socket head cap screws: GB70/DIN912 (2) Hexagon socket flat end set screws: BG70/DIN913 (3) Hexagon socket head set screws: GB78/DIN914 ( 4) Countersunk head socket head socket head set screw: GB79/DIN915 (5) Hexagon socket socket head set screw: GB80/DIN916 (6) Hexagon socket head countersunk head screw: DIN7991 (7) Hexagon socket head thin head screw: DIN7984 ( 8) Plug screw: ISO7379 machine screw (1) Slotted cylinder head screw: GB65/DIN84 (2) Slotted pan head screw: GB67/DIN85 (3) Slotted countersunk head screw: GB68/DIN963 (4) Slotted Large flat head screw (5) Cross recessed small pan head screw: GB823 (6) Cross recessed large flat head screw (7) Cross recessed pan head screw: GB818/DIN7985 (8) Cross recessed countersunk head screw: GB819/DIN965 (9 ) Cross recessed countersunk head screw: GB820/DIN966 thread and stud (2) Stud bolt-bm=1d: GB897/DIN938 (3) Stud bolt-bm=1.25d: GB898/DIN939 (4) Stud head Bolt-bm=1.5d: GB899 (5) Stud bolt-bm=2d: GB900 (1) Tooth bar: GB15389/DIN976 (6) Equal length stud: GB901/DIN976

Screws and bolts are common connecting fasteners. The diameter of the thread is as small as less than one millimeter and as large as several hundred millimeters or even larger. The vast majority of threaded connections are pre-tightened during assembly in order to enhance the rigidity, tightness, anti-loosening ability of the connection and prevent the sliding of the bolted connection under lateral load. The pre-tightening force is determined according to the force of the bolt group and the working requirements of the connection. For important threaded connections, the preload must be measured and controlled.

In industrial production, some products need to remove the fixing screws; or in the assembly line, the screws that fix the product on the fixture also need to be removed when the product is unloaded. At present, the dismantling of the screws is mainly completed by the manual operation of the operator. However, this method of manually dismantling the screws has low work efficiency and high production cost.

The use of stainless steel screw lines: The hardness of stainless steel screw lines causes them to have different uses. Generally, they are used as small screws in life, but also as car screws and compression screws. They are widely used in normal life. Types of stainless steel screw lines: In appearance, screw lines are generally divided into fog surface spring lines and bright surface screw lines. The hardness of matte surface screw lines is higher than that of bright surface screw lines. For products with low appearance requirements and relatively high elasticity requirements. Paper, oxalic acid, fertilizer and other production equipment; photography, food industry, facilities in coastal areas, ropes, CD rods, bolts, nuts.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: DIN555 hexagon nuts, spring washers with flat washers, countersunk head screws, flat washers for pins and other products, we can provide you with products suitable for you fastener solutions.

Hexagon head bolts

Processing GB30 white plated 4.8 external hexagon screws

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