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Customized stainless steel 304 non-standard screw umbrella head screw mushroom head screw 3/8

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of experience in the production of screw industry, the main products are: copper core throug...

The screw and nut disassembly and assembly tool of Yueluo also includes a rotating rod, a sleeve and a fixed rod fixedly connected to the sleeve rod at one end, and the other end of the fixed rod is connected with one end of the rotating rod to make the rotation The rod can be rotated around the connection point, and the sleeve for accommodating nuts or screws is fixedly connected with the other end of the rotating rod; rotating the rotating rod makes the sleeve head and the opening of the sleeve opposite , by keeping the nut or screw in the sleeve fixed while the corresponding screw or nut in the sleeve head rotates, so as to achieve simultaneous force and disassembly of the screw and the nut.

Fasteners are a type of mechanical parts that are used for fastening connections and are widely used. All kinds of fasteners can be seen on all kinds of machinery, equipment, vehicles, ships, railways, bridges, buildings, structures, tools, instruments, meters and supplies. It is characterized by a wide variety of specifications, different performance uses, and a very high degree of standardization, serialization and generalization. Therefore, some people also refer to a type of fasteners with existing national standards as standard fasteners, or simply as standard parts. Fasteners are the most widely used mechanical foundations. With my country's entry into the WTO in 2001, it has entered the ranks of major international trade countries. my country's fastener products are exported to many countries in the world, and fastener products from all over the world are also pouring into the Chinese market. Fasteners, as one of the products with the largest import and export volume in my country, are in line with international standards, which have important practical significance and practical significance for promoting Chinese fastener enterprises to go to the world and promoting fastener enterprises to fully participate in international cooperation and competition. strategic significance. Due to the specifications, dimensions, tolerances, weights, properties, surface conditions, marking methods, and specific requirements of items such as acceptance inspection, marking and packaging for each specific fastener product.

Guangdong Yueluo Hardware Industry Co., Ltd. discloses an eccentric special-shaped rivet, which has a simple structure and is inexpensive to manufacture. The eccentric shaped rivet includes a cylindrical head and an eccentric polished rod. The diameter of the cylindrical head is larger than that of the eccentric polished rod. The eccentric polished rod is arranged at the lower end of the cylindrical head, and the axis of the eccentric polished rod is not the same as the axis of the cylindrical head. on the same straight line. The eccentric special-shaped rivet has low manufacturing cost and is easy to realize automatic assembly.

concealed screw fastener includes a washer, a screw and a shield, one end of the screw is provided with an end cap, the screw penetrates the washer and the end cap is supported on the washer, and the shield covers the end of the screw The cap is peripheral and connected to the gasket. When in use, firstly pass the screw through the washer and then drive it into the screw hole of the connected piece, and then cover the shield on the outer circumference of the end cap of the screw and connect it with the washer.

Stainless Steel Nut Nut Self-locking Nut, Lock Nut, Lock Nut, Four-jaw Nut, Screw-in Nut Safety Nut, Thin Rod Screw Connection Nut, Self-locking Hexagonal Cap Nut, Special Ground Screw Nut, Hexagonal Crown Thin Nut , Lifting ring nut. [1] Fine pitch all-metal hexagonal flange face locking nut, all-metal hexagonal flange face locking nut, fine pitch non-metallic insert hexagonal flange face locking nut, fine pitch hexagonal flange face nut welding square nut, Welded Hex Nuts, Snap Nuts, Insert Round Nuts

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: external hexagon filament screws, sheep's eye bolts, 4.8 grade galvanized square nuts, four-slot caps and thin non-woven products, we can provide you with Provide the right fastener solution for you.

Non-standard screws

Custom Stainless Steel 304

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