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Customized stainless steel semi-circle head screw flat head countersunk head machine wire self-tapping screw wood tooth pointed tail 1/2-13

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: core nuts, GB62 coppe...

Self-tapping screw is a kind of threaded fastener that self-tapping and drilling the matching female thread in the pre-drilled hole of metal or non-metal material. When using self-tapping screw, a flat washer is often required to protect the fastening surface. Traditional When the self-tapping screw is used, the flat pad is easy to fall off, resulting in low work efficiency. In view of this, we propose a combined structure of the stuck self-tapping screw spring washer that prevents the flat pad from falling off.

At present, with the development of my country's railway industry, many railway fastener systems involve T-bolts. The structure is shown in Figure 1. The dimensions that need to be inspected are head width A, head length B, and head straight table height. C. The height of the head slope D, the total length of the bolt E, and the major diameter of the bolt F. Due to the irregular shape of these places to be inspected, the measurement is difficult. The measurement of general measuring tools is not only slow, but also difficult to control human errors, resulting in some extreme upper limits and There are disputes and misjudgments about the size of the extreme lower limit when judging qualified and unqualified.

The product structure in the known technology includes a T-shaped bolt with a longitudinal section, and a polygonal nut matched with the bolt. The bolt is divided into two parts: the screw and the screw head. The screw head is placed at one end of the screw to form an integral part. The radial length of the tightening surface of the screw head is greater than the radial length of the screw, and its axial length is less than the axial length of the screw; The solid surface is a polygon, and now a hexagon is commonly used. The periphery of the base of the nut and the screw head has a number of elastic surfaces corresponding to the polygon; the periphery of the axial screw is provided with an external thread matching the internal thread of the nut. In actual use, the fastener of this structure can be tightened by using a conventional screw, such as a wrench. Therefore, its anti-theft performance is poor and it is not suitable for occasions with special requirements.

flat washer, an annular groove is formed on the outer side of the upper surface of the flat washer, and a sealing ring is embedded in the annular groove, at least five circularly equidistantly arranged cylinders are fixed on the upper surface of the flat washer, and the The upper surface of the flat washer is provided with a circular hole that communicates with its bottom, a collar is arranged in the circular hole, an upper circular ring is fixed above the collar, a lower circular ring is fixed below the collar, and the upper circular The diameter of the ring is the same as the diameter of the lower ring, the diameter of the collar is smaller than the diameter of the upper ring, the diameter of the collar is consistent with the diameter of the circular hole, and there are at least three equally spaced holes in the middle of the outer wall of the flat washer. A circular groove, the outer wall of the flat washer is fixed with at least three reinforcing blocks staggered with the circular groove, and the reinforcing blocks and the flat washer are welded into one piece.

Here Yueluo eliminates the drawbacks. The purpose of Yueluo is to provide a locking screw by which the gap existing between the locking screw and a transverse hole in a locking screw can be eliminated. Yueluo achieves the proposed object with a locking screw, which has the features of claim 4 . The line connecting the centers of gravity of the respective axially continuous orthogonal cross-sectional areas of the locking screw is regarded as a line. The advantage achieved by Yueluo can basically be seen that, due to the locking screw of Yueluo, the gap between the horizontal hole of the screw and the locking screw can be eliminated. Other advantages are as follows - the insertion accuracy and surgeon time spent remain within the range to date; - the strength of the locking screw is maintained; and - the extraction of an expired broken screw is assured. The further composition of Yueluo and Yueluo is explained in more detail below by means of schematic diagrams of parts of various embodiments.

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