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Customized blue and white plated blue and white zinc carbon steel bullets 1/2-13 1/4-20

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Summary of information:We have more than ten years of production experience in the screw industry, the main products are: semicircular flat key...

The anti-rotation T-bolt includes a screw rod and a head. An anti-rotation protrusion is designed at the connection between the head and the screw. The cross-section of the anti-rotation protrusion is a square corner with the screw radius as the side length. One anti-rotation protruding shoot can be designed, or two can be designed. In order to ensure the uniform force of the bolt, two are designed.

The isolating switch in the substation has a large workload for maintenance. The transmission parts such as the isolating switch connecting rod are mostly connected by cylindrical pins. The shaft-pin fit is generally 1mm, which is tight. If the cylindrical pin is disassembled during the maintenance process, it is often due to corrosion and mechanical deformation. It is difficult to proceed smoothly for other reasons, and if the working environment is a small space, it is more difficult to disassemble. In traditional operations, grinding, hard prying, or beating with a hand hammer are often used to disassemble, which will further deform the pins, and when the space is small, it is difficult to use tools such as hand hammers. solve.

Generally, the bolts or nuts used to press workpieces or fixtures in the T-slot of the machine tool table are made into square or rectangle. Things are very inconvenient.

If you are installing rivet nuts specially, you can use a grinder, use a rivet machine, if you are a non-professional, you can directly install a few, and then tap with an awl. Rivet equipment (manual or pneumatic) cannot be used in the field of fastening using hammers to pull rivet nuts. It is widely used and is mainly used in the assembly of electromechanical and light industrial products such as aviation, furniture, automobiles, instruments, machinery, and decoration. Of course, it is more common than the rivet nut, and it is often difficult to distinguish.

In terms of screw standard specification broadcast, there are two versions of the national standard, one is GB70-76, the 76 version, and the other is GB70-8585 version. Our company is now implementing the DIN912 standard, so it should be paid attention to in actual business operations. Difference: GB70-85 and DIN912 completely overlap, so there is no difference in the use of the new standard, mainly because there is a difference between GB70-76 and DIN912: M8 series hexagon products, GB70-76 round head diameter It is 12.5MM, which is smaller than 13.27MM of DIN912. For M10 series inner hexagon products, the round head diameter of GB70-76 is 15MM, which is smaller than 16.27 of DIN912. The inner hexagon of M12 series, the round head of GB70-76 The diameter is 18MM, which is smaller than the opposite side of DIN912, which is 18.27. In addition, the round head diameter of the inner hexagon GB70-76 of M16 and M20 series is 0.33MM smaller than that of DIN912, which are 24MM and 30MM respectively. DIN912 is 24.33MM and 30.33MM respectively. In addition, the width of the inner hexagon between the old standard and the German standard is different due to different standards. The inner side of GB70-76 is smaller, and it should be paid attention to in business operations. In addition, there are also some differences in the carriage screws that may be used at ordinary times. I will also make an explanation here. In the national standard, there are two standards for carriage screws, namely GB12 (small semicircular head square neck screw) and GB14 (large semicircular head square neck screw) Neck screws), and the German standard DIN603 is usually more commonly used in the market. Now to distinguish these three: for the round head and neck, when comparing the same specifications: GB12. Usually when the carriage screw is used, the head and neck are often required to be large and thick, so the standard of DIN603 carriage screw fully meets the requirements.

We have many years of experience in the production and sales of screws, nuts, flat washers, etc. The main products are: steel wire rope tensioning screws, marine ring nuts, open shackle pins, rubber plug expansion 6m screws and other products, we can provide you with suitable products for you fastener solutions.

Blue and white zinc plated

Custom blue and white plated cartridges

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